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A day after Sanjit’s mother cry for justice, the victim’s father today said a person came to offer him Rs 20 lakh

Imphal, Feb 21: After Police constable Herojit had spelled out on how he shot dead Chungkham Shanjit in cold blood in the in famous July 23, 2009 Khwairambandh Keithel incident, father of the deceased, Chungkham Khelen today said that a close worker of MLA Dr. NG Bijoy of Khurai Assembly Constituency, identified as one Kenedy appraoched him and asked to close the case by promising him Rs. 20 Lakhs.

Talking to reporters at his Khurai Sajor Leikai residence, Khelen , father of Sanjit said that the said person Kenedy is a well known person to him as he happen to be from his nearby locality and he had stated him that he would never accept such money in exchange of his son’s life.

On being asked why the matter is brought out only today, Chungkham Khelen said that even though Kenedy approach him for such an offer at a time when people are undergoing agitation in the aftermath of the fake encounter killing of his son, he was worried if spelling out such a matter would do no good to either Kenedy or himself.

Khelen further said that when a police constable can come out for delivering justice to his son he felt that he should also disclosed other misdeed of the government or may be those who want to conceal the killing of his son.

Source: Imphal Times



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