Manipur Elections 2017: Denied Ticket, BJP Leader Leaves Party, But Not Before Asking For ‘Payback’


manipur-sapam-kunjakeswor-singhGuwahati: Sapam Kunjakeswor Singh, better known as Sapam Keba, a former legislator from Manipur has resigned from the BJP after he was denied a ticket from Patsoi constituency for the assembly polls scheduled for March but not before making an unusual demand.

Mr Singh, who was the state executive member of the BJP, has asked central BJP leaders to repay the expenditure incurred by him during Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the state during the general elections in 2014.

He also asked repayment for his contribution during renovation of state BJP office at state capital Imphal.

“During the 2014 general elections, there was a rally of Narendra Modi in Imphal. I had invested Rs. 44.70 lakhs then. Again, during the construction of BJP office at Nityaipat Chithek I donated Rs. 14.79 lakhs. Now that they denied me ticket, I want my money back,” Mr Singh was quoted as saying in Imphal.

Mr Singh has joined a little known East India Development Party (NEIDP). In 2007, he won the election as an independent candidate. In 2012, he contested on a Trinamoool Congress ticket but lost the election. The following year he switched over to BJP.

Mr Singh had earlier tried to storm the BJP party office with his supporter after he was denied ticket.

Source: NDTV


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