My torn shirt will cost millions in auction one day



If people tease you just because you wear torn dresses, never feel down for that, just walk up and tell them, “One day, this torn shirt and pant will cost millions of dollars in auction.” That is the best way to shut the mouth of those cheap surroundings.
Life is meant to be damn hard, but you got to be harder to turn thrones into sponges. When your life beats you black and blue, don’t give up, just smile because one day ‘a novel on your true life story’ will be the best-selling novel.

We must be at times feeling down because you feel your friends do a lot better than you. Never be broken, you know, we hate those romantic movies where the heroine accepts the hero very soon, we really enjoy scenes of villains too. Just wait and let the magic happen in your life.

Never ever stop trying. Be ready to fall and be ready to rise again too. Be ready for all the tortures that life will give you every day, it’s cool because it’s giving you stories for what to write in your dairy every day before you sleep, it’s boring to write the same thing every day right? Feel blessed to face troubles.

Just because Salman Khan earns so much, don’t try to go at the line of acting. It’s his talent, you got your own inside, hunt it, and you will create history. Never run after something looking at the result, just run after the one which will make you smile even when you fall.
You must have fell down several times, you must have failed several times, people must have told you to give up too, your friends must have told you that you are wasting your life. Trust me, those trees which grows tall and big never grows so fast after you plant, it take years for it to extend its roots downwards to have a strong foundation. You are in the stage of extending your roots, never give up.

Driving fast on a straight highway can’t mean that you are a good driver and it will not increase your skills, but driving on a curvy highway will increase your skills and make you a good driver. Same in life, failing experiences will add values to your success.
If the world was soft and beautiful, the words ‘inspiration and motivation’ would not have existed. Trust me, the moment you find what you love, you will be on top of the world. Forget the quote, “steps to success starts out of our comfort zone.” If you find what you love then, whenever you do what you love, you will never get tired; you will be forever in your comfort zone, smiling whenever you fall.

If life turns damn boring and hard, keep in mind that you are walking in a wrong path, if you follow your heart, you got to be happy no matter what. At this point, don’t go back, look around and search for what you love nearby to get a comfort zone, to wipe the tears off. You really wanted to be a singer but you are stuck in a damn office with lots of work pressure, the best you can do is, find what you love from your surrounding even if you have walked in a wrong path; buy an earphones, go to songs, play the best music, sing a little, move your body a bit. Trust me, you will find a flavor in your work now. Never ever even think of giving up, the rough times that you are going through will inspire millions one day. On the other hand, the rough times that you are going through will be the best points for the speech you will give on the day the world will lend their ears.
Don’t worry if this society pushes you away, keep believing in yourself, one day your life story will be an instrument for all the motivational speakers to motivate millions.
You know what, don’t worry if there is so less LIKES for your facebook profile picture. One day, your photo will be there in every phones, every wall to look at when the world feels low, you will be a lifetime battery for millions.
Don’t be down if you can’t buy branded clothes, one day you yourself will be a brand.

(The writer is based in Canada. He can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

Source: The Sangai Express



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