You are what you know, not what people know


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
We are very much surrounded by the very quote call, “Think Big.” But the truth is, thinking big but scared of doing big does not fulfill the terms and conditions of ‘Thinking Big.” We seriously throw ourselves to the hunger of thinking big, but it never happens so, why? Because every time you think big, a funny question follows; what will happen if I can’t make it? Or what will happen to me? You are surrounded by the fear of suffering. As long as you are with this, you will never be able to give a full step but a half.

Every time those questions come to you, just answer it, “Nothing will happen to me, I will be still me.” The moment you answer it, the fear of suffering will go away, then you will certainly have the courage to walk through the length and breadth of your life.

If people never recognize what you are doing, why do you often feel sad? It only says that, what you are doing is not useful to them; it does not say that what you are doing is not great. Even if I write a millions of articles with wonderful words and meanings, if people don’t find it useful, I won’t get recognized but it doesn’t say that I am weak. Being famous is not about being great. People who recognize you are not recognizing the quality of who you are but the usefulness of you to them.

Stop searching for that one job just because it will pay you well, search for the one which will help you express your joyfulness. The moment you got that one job which will help you express your hearts out with joy, you will no longer give a damn if people recognize you or not.

70% of our life is destroyed by the evil word call ‘anger.’ And we keep searching on internet, “How to avoid our anger?” To make it clear, when you are walking on a road, you can avoid from smoking if you don’t go to the cigarette shop. The point is that cigarette is something which is not a part of you so you can avoid it. What about anger? Anger is not like a cigarette shop that you can walk pass by. It comes from inside of you, you become angry. The only way to avoid it is to ask yourself a very simple question, “Do I feel okay when I am angry?” If NO then stop it, if yes then continue it, because I have nothing for that.

In a class, a teacher took out a hundred rupee note and asked if any of the students wanted it. All the hands were up. Then he fold the hundred note and asked again if any still wants, all hands were still on air. The teacher dropped the note then crushed it with his shoes then took up to ask the same, still the number of hands were the same. What can we understand here? No matter how crumbled the note is, it still holds its value. You also be like the note, even if the life crushed you up or crumbled you up, keep sticking with your values.

We are so much done with people judging us and us judging people. Let me quote a small famous story. A man came running to the hospital with his sick son. He was searching for the doctor, the doctor turned up 10 minutes later after he informed the nurses. The man was so much angry with the doctor, he yelled at him for why he is late. He even asked him if he would still behave in the same way if the patient was his son. The doctor calmly told the father to cool down then he went in. The father with anger hold the doctor’s collar and threatened him that he would kill him if something bad happens to his son. The doctor just smiled and went to the operation theatre. After 2 hours, the doctor came out and just said, “He is okay now, sir,” and walked away. The father doesn’t even have time to thank him. He asked the nurse for why was the doctor behaving that way. The nurse said, “we called him for your son when his son’s funeral was about to start. He need to go back quickly as the function cannot be proceeded without him.” The father was left in tears.

Sometimes it’s better to be calm than to be so angry. Never raise you voice to anyone as the result of your anger because he/she might be in pain more than you are.

Source: The Sangai Express


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