Bengaluru owner beats up North-Eastern tenant, made to lick shoes


Higio Guntey, son of Executive Assistant Commissioner of Arunachal Pradesh, Higio Yame was allegedly assaulted by the owner of the house he was staying in Bengaluru. Guntey also has accused the owner of asking him to lick the owner’s shoes.

Higio Guntey is a fourth-semester student in the Christ University in Bengaluru was allegedly abused by his house owner on Monday evening and was later beaten black and blue. The reason for all this is said to be that Guntey using extra water.

Higio said that the house owner verbally abused me for using extra water on Monday. Two hours later, i.e at 7 pm, owner who was drunk, is said to have banged the door and started beating up Guntey for almost an hour.

“After beating me black and blue, he still was not satisfied. He beat me again and forced me to put on his shoes and made me lick and kiss them. I had to oblige because I was bruised and was not in a position to take any more beatings. As if this was not enough, he kicked me out of the house. He even threw my trolley from the third floor. This is very humiliating, Gunety said”

“After the incident, I have left the house, and I am living with my friends in a different locality. “I would have lodged a complaint on the same day, but I was injured. Besides, three Arunachal girl students are also staying the building. I fear their safety too” Guntey added.

The victim has now written a complaint and wants to approach the Deputy Commissioner of Police, and Nodal Officer, Boralingaiah seeking legal action against Hemanth Kumar, the house owner.

Mitching, Arunachal Pradesh Student Association President, and victim’s friend who had admitted him to the hospital on a fateful night says, there were other students from the north east, and they too were verbally abused and beaten up by the owner. Had the neighbour not intervened, they would have suffered serious injuries.

“The parents were informed and they will arrive in Bengaluru in a day of two and will meet the authorities concerned and will push for action in this regard,”

DCP Boralingaiagh, who is yet to receive any official complaint in this regard says, the attack might have been caused due to a trivial reason, and it may not have any link with racial discrimination. “I checked in two police stations on Bannerghatta Road and no complaint has been filed so far. We would appreciate if victims come forward and give details of the incident so that we can initiate action,” he said.

Source: Asianet News


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