Cops sensitised on cyber security, e-waste


IMPHAL, Apr 22: A workshop on ‘Cyber security awareness and e-waste management system’ was held today at the office of Manipur Police Telecom Organisation (MPTO), 1st Bn MR complex under the aegis of the National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT).

The inaugural session of the workshop which was exclusive to police officers was attended by ADGP (Intelligence) P Doungel, DIG (Police Telecom) Sh Dwijamani, NIELIT Executive Director Th Prameshwor and MPTO SSP H Kula-chandra as chief guest, pre- sident and guests of honour.

Speaking as a resource person, NIELIT Joint Director Angom Buboo remarked that cyber space is limitlessly vast.

Mankind can exploit cyber space for the benefit of oneself and the society at large but one should be aware about cyber crimes and its negative impacts on society.
Cyber world or cyber space is not limited to computers, laptops and smart phones.
Apart from smart TVs and refrigerators, cyber criminals have been using other electronic gadgets too to achieve their unlawful objectives.

Cyber crimes can be broadly divided into two categories namely those who become cyber criminals out of ignorance and those who commit cyber crimes after fully knowing what he/she has been doing, Buboo said.

The latter group is highly tech savvy and they have been duping people using fake e-mail IDs in addition to committing ATM frauds, phishing etc.

Giving access to all personal data while downloading mobile apps is fraught with risks. Cyber viruses were created to elicit information and data. It is a ransom ware created with the primary objective of earning ransom.

In view of the different initiatives such as e-governance, cashless society, e-learning, e-wallet etc taken up under Digital India programme, cyber security is becoming more and more important, he continued.

There is also an instruction of the Government of India which says that all cyber networks related to Governments should be connected through the National Informatics Centre.
There are around 165 private and Government internet service providers in the country. Around 10 of them are operating in Manipur.

It is crucial to ascertain whether softwares and webpages created by private internet service providers have cleared security audits. It needs a special measure of the Government, he continued. The graph of cyber crime is growing higher and higher and it is global issue.

Whereas Russia is known for its cyber warfare and its tech savvy cyber criminals, it is said that China which is quite advanced in computer hardware technology has cyber warriors. If a cyber forensic unit should be established for Manipur Police, it should be updated from time to time.

Many other resource persons spoke on cyber security and e-waste management.

Source: The Sangai Express


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