You are not born to be a slave of others’ dreams


Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam

When you don’t even trust yourself why do you need to trust others? You don’t trust yourself when your heart says, “you can do it!” but you trust someone who says, “you can’t do it!”. Are you born to fulfil your enemy’s dream or your dream? If you are born to fulfil your dream then stop giving importance to those voices who encourage you to give up.
When you are born with immense talents you can still fool your heart that you are born with nothing, then why don’t you start fooling your own heart when you are weak that you are strong.

If you are born to be a GOOD guy then do things which everybody says it’s right but if you are born to be a GREAT guy then do what you think it’s right.

You are not born just to get a college degree, a job in your hand, get married and settle down like a frog till the end of your life.

People will keep trying to stop you from having big dreams by saying that they do had dreams once but no one helped them that’s why they have to do what they are doing now. If they were chasing their dreams then they would become nothing. It’s good that they have some source of earning now and so on. Blah blah blah. They will tell you that dreaming big is useless and they will tell you to get a college degree and appear for some damn exams or look for some jobs to buy a car, to buy rings for your wife and so on.

When you go to the life stories of the successful people, do you find anybody helping them on the process of blooming their success ?NO! All they said to themselves was, “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN, I KNOW I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL BECAUSE I AM DOING THE EASIEST THING ie, FOLLOWING MY HEART.”

You don’t need to look for help to be successful. All you need to do is just make yourself happy by doing what you love.

Everybody is born gifted, the only difference is that they have found the gift that is being gifted and you haven’t. The only way to realise our gift is to follow what makes us happy the most. But the moment you listened to some external voices you will not find out your gift but you will find somebody’s gift that you will have to work for, to live your life as a slave.
If you think that you are just trying your best to increase the weights of your RESUME to let yourself get bought by others in the name of getting a job, then you are putting a full stop in the growth of your life.

If you are not doing what you love to do then you are just increasing your Tension and not your Talent, you are helping your Pressure not your Passion.

Do you want to enjoy your success by spreading out your hands wide, shouting, “I MADE IT?” If so then stop looking at your class rank and start looking only on your own mark and your improvements. If you look at the ranks and try to be happy on that, you are not enjoying your success but you are sucking other’s failure and enjoying their defeat.
Be happy when you learn new things in college not when you get new certificates. Your neighbour may judge you by the degree of your certificate but the world will judge you by the degree of your creativity. One day you will realise that you have spent so much time doing nothing but just running after a stupid certificate.

The only way to live your life at the fullest is to follow your heart not somebody’s heart.
Whenever you feel that you cannot do it, just ask yourself why can’t I do it? Then you will get the answer that you have listened to somebody’s voice which you shouldn’t have.
The main reason why we have adopted this social fear is because of our parents. From the very first day itself we are surrounded by questions like “what will your uncle think?” “what will your friend think?” Our parents have put the fear in us with lots of ‘might be’ situations. “What if you follow your passion singing and end up earning less?”. “What will others think of me if you become a dancer when their sons become engineers?”

Parents are so much into their children’s safety that they have instilled fear in them. If you want your children to be like everybody else then why do you ask them for what they want to become? Why don’t you just tell him directly of what you want them to become. Then you will not at least waste their time thinking of big dreams.
Try to teach your children of the tools to face the problems not teach them to look for the path which have less problems.

If you think the future of your child is in your hand then you shouldn’t have thought of having a child but to rear a dog who will do whatever you want.

Trust me! Nothing can be done if there is fear in you. And fear is nothing but a psychological game of pulling yourself down. Fear is a destructive ideas constructed in you. The best way to kill the fear is THINK LESS. If you keep thinking for doing something you are just increasing the chance of fear to pop in you. Don’t wait for anything, best thing happens when you do something without fear, as it is so, do without thinking, you will have no fear and you won’t be looking much for the result as you did without thinking, so there will be no regrets if that plan didn’t work.

You must be so afraid of going up on stage for speeches thinking people might laugh at you. You will be in fear that time. But when you start speaking, even if people laughed at you, you will no longer be afraid instead that fear will change into positive anger which will give you the strength to tell yourself that, “I JUST DID WHAT THEY CAN’T.”

(The writer is based in Canada, can be reached at [email protected]; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal).

Source: The Sangai Express


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