Police arrest Delhi-bound car lifter at Imphal airport


IMPHAL: After chasing for over an hour a team of Lilong police station arrested a vehicle lifter from Imphal International Airport on Tuesday. The arrested thief has been identified as Md
Moshin (20) s/o Md Noorjaman of Lilong Haoreibi Leikai. He is said to be involved in lifting and hijacking vehicles, drug trafficking, drug abuse, and other anti-social activities including in some murder cases.

Police and ANJUMAN members parade the arrested car lifter

Moshin was arrested at about 10.30 am from the airport premises. He was trying to escape after noticing that police and airport securities are looking for him. According to a statement issued by Lilong Police Station, officer-in-charge Md Riyajuddin Shah, on receiving report about some vehicle lifters/hijackers present in and around Lilong Leihaokhong area carried out search operation at about 8.40 am.

Lilong police led by the OC himself along with SI Y Arunkumar Singh and ASI Laishram Mukesh Singh and volunteers of ANJUMAN led by secretary Md Habibulah rushed to the area. The joint team noticed one black Maruti A star car (MN 01S/2284), suspected to be a stolen
vehicle, driving at high speed towards Lilong Leihaokhong Makha Leikai from Leihaokhong Mathak Leikai on seeing the police.

On realising that he was being chased, the driver of the said vehicle intentionally drove the vehicle into the canal of IVR of Lilong Leihaokhong, located just adjacent to the gate of one
Md Alao (50) s/o Md Alim of Lilong Leihaokhong. Taking advantage of thick bushes at the opposite direction of the canal, the driver escaped. The police pursued him but in vain.
At about 9.27 am, the police team managed to identify and confirm the driver as one Md Moshin and also received information that he was heading towards Lilong Bazar as he had already booked air ticket for New Delhi. Consequently, the police team with the support
of Singjamei police and CISF personnel arrested Md Moshin from Imphal Airport.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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