Two other minors raped


Even as the April 14 gang rape of two minors is still under investigation and protests by various civil society organisations is raging, yet another two minors have been sexually assaulted and kept in custody of the rapists for a day.

According to sources, the two girls came in contact with the rapists on the social media through a common friend. The men had talked over the phone and introduced themselves as friends of a sister whom the minors knew; they had mentioned that one of them was courting their sister also.

This went on for nearly 10 days and finally a date was fixed with the two girls so that they would introduce themselves face to face. The rapists came to Heirok area on April 29 at nearly 1.30 pm in an Alto Car bearing registration number MN05-A/3314.

The two persons namely Johny Aheibam, 21, son of Jayanta of Heirangoithong Aheibam Leirak and Elangbam Robi, aged 25, son of E Ibodhen of Langmeidong Awang Leikai met the girls at the scheduled spot.

They persuaded the minors to come inside the car and go for a visit to Kakching garden, telling them that their sister was also at the garden. They were taken to some places in Kakching area.

Sources said that the girls requested the men to drop them back home as it was getting late. However, on some pretext, they were taken to an isolated farmhouse at Sarik Konjil area near Kakching Khunou.

The two victims were taken into separate rooms and raped. The girls were kept in the farmhouse for the night. In the meantime, parents of the minors lodged a complaint with the police. The next day, the rapists took the girls in the car and traveled back, when they were stopped for a routine driving license check near Mayang Imphal police station.

As the policemen scrutinized the vehicle and the passengers, the manner in which the minors were sitting at the back drew the attention of the police.

The identities of the girls were verified and later called up by Mayang Imphal police to the concerned police station.

It was learnt then that there was a missing persons report in the name of the two minors. Then, the rapists were taken into custody and the minors were handed over to Thoubal Child Welfare Committee chairperson Kh Jitendra.

The minors were given proper counseling and handed over to the parents on the same day. The rapists were produced before the sessions judge of Thoubal on Sunday and been remanded to police custody till May 9.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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