Ukhrul centre grooms locals in cane, bamboo skills


UKHRUL: Raring to soon emerge as the first training institute of its kind in Ukhrul district, Cane & Bamboo Training cum Production Centre (CBTCPC) has already started grooming scores of local artisans in production of indigenous cane and bamboo handicrafts and related products.

North Eastern Council (NEC) secretary Ramnganing Muivah laid the foundation stone for the training centre to be funded by the council at VVD Ukhrul complex, Khaivarentang, Hungpung on April 2, this year.

Talking to The People’s Chronicle, Artax A Shimray, one of the promoters of CBTCPC and bamboo culture, said that the new training centre conducted a month-long training at its site from May 16 till June 14 although its building and requisite infrastructure are yet to be fully set up.

A total of 25 youth from 19 villages across the district were imparted the skills of using Indigenous cane and bamboo in producing handicrafts, furniture, basketry and others, he said, while adding that service of two trainers each of cane and bamboo from Cane and Bamboo Training Centre (CBTC), Parnihat, Assam were roped in for the whole training.

At the end of the training, the trainees were able to produce marketable furniture, handicrafts and other items of daily needs, he said, adding that the products including decorative items, stools, and sets of chairs and tables could be possessed at prices ranging from a few thousand of rupees to Rs 25,000.

Artax Shimray, however, pointed out that raw materials are not readily available in the district and for the training they managed to procure bamboo from Chingjaroi village while cane from far off Khayang village in the extreme border area.

Artax then opined that resorting to maximum use of bamboo and cane for producing goods of daily use could also significantly help in preservation of forest in the district and could even replace timber in varied ways.At the same time, he said that plans are afoot to replace wood charcoal with bamboo charcoal in the district in future.

Source: The People’s Chronicle


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