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BJP walking the tight rope : Politics of coalition Govt

Not rocking the boat and taking all the coalition partners along and surely the BJP has to walk the tight rope to ensure that it does not sow the seeds of suspicion in the mind of the public and at the same time maintain its stand.

This is all that more so when it comes to an issue as sensitive as the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Two instances make this observation significant enough to warrant a comment in this column.

On July 20, Chief Minister N Biren announced on the floor of the Assembly that the present BJP led Government will uphold the resolutions adopted by the previous Congress Government regarding the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Nothing wrong in backing the a resolution adopted by the previous Government and this line too must have been bought by its coalition partner the Naga People’s Front for it is not a new resolution adopted on the floor of the Assembly.

If it had been taken on the floor of the House then it could have created an uncomfortable position for the NPF MLAs, who are supping with the BJP.

The Sangai Express has already had its say on this point and it is interesting to watch the metamorphosis of Chief Minister N Biren as a seasoned political leader, who knows how to march to the beat of the drum.

The Chief Minister again announced for all to hear that it is the commitment of the BJP to safeguard the territorial integrity of Manipur.

Here it is interesting to note that this announcement was made at the party level and not at the level of the newly formed BJP led Government.

Nobody will doubt the stand of the State BJP on the territorial integrity of Manipur, but it is significant to note that the BJP has to walk the tight rope while dealing with its coalition partners, particularly the NPF when it comes to this issue.

True the July 20 stand of the Government was taken in the Assembly, but it was not a new resolution and the NPF MLAs did not need to debate on the stand.

Or if a new resolution on such a stand was taken would the NPF MLAs have staged a walk out ?

Hypothetical question, no doubt but it is interesting to watch the Chief Minister deftly walking the tight rope.

This is a point which would not have missed the eyes of the Congress and with the Framework Agreement seemingly dictating the course of the ongoing dialogue between the NSCN (IM) and the Government of India, it will be interesting to see how the Congress formulates it plan.

The Framework Agreement and the ongoing political dialogue can surely have an impact here when the Lok Sabha election comes in 2019 and it will be interesting to see how the Congress proceeds with its election campaign.

Early days yet but it is interesting to see how the BJP is walking the tight rope without rocking the boat.

Source: The Sangai Express



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