Killing two birds with one stone : The politician in CM speaks


Comes close to a case of killing two birds with one stone and in asserting that the present BJP led Government will abide by the resolution adopted by the previous Congress Government to protect the integrity of the State, Chief Minister N Biren has succeeded in underlining the stand of his Government while at the same time has not done anything to disturb the coalition boat.

Remember the NPF is part and parcel of the present coalition Government and the Chief Minister has managed not to ruffle their feather and at the same time conveyed the message that the Government is committed to protecting the integrity of the State.

This is also in line with his earlier observation that the Government is a continuing process and any resolution taken by the earlier Government will stand if it is good for the State and the people.

Tough to say whether the NPF has read into the finer nuances of his announcement in the Assembly that the stand of the previous Government on the integrity of the State still stands, but the Chief Minister has demonstrated his arrival as a political leader.

Something more than word play, for in asserting that the stand of the previous Government on the integrity of Manipur still stands, the Chief Minister has side stepped the question of the new Government taking a fresh decision on the same issue.

A classic case of not being seen as a party ready to compromise with the integrity of the State yet at the same time sending out the message that it is not keen on rocking the coalition Government.

The NPF and the various Naga civil society organisations which have always batted for the integration of all Naga inhabited areas, are not likely to take umbrage with the stand of the Chief Minister for it is just continuing with a stand adopted by the previous Congress Government.

Stand by the integrity of Manipur and at the same time do not rock the boat. This is the politician in the Chief Minister coming out to the fore.

Deft handling of an important issue and surely the Chief Minister needs a pat for handling it so adroitly.

Due credit too should be given to his advisers.

Manipur certainly does not need bombastic statements at the moment, for all such statements can be deciphered wrongly and this can only go against the interest of the State.

Handle everything with political astuteness and thus far the Chief Minister seems to have done this.

It is this which Manipur needs at the moment. Deal everything with political wisdom.

The political maturity of the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers will further be tested when the tripartite talks involving the UNC, the State Government and the Centre on the districts creation issue gets underway at the political level and this is another round which will not be easy to negotiate.

The long standing demand of the JCILPS is another test awaiting the BJP led Government.

Source: The Sangai Express


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