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MMOF for 150 (100 Girls + 50 Boys) Minority Scholarship

Sahayata Trust will pay your B.Tech Tuition FEE. Score 20 out of 50 in Online Exam FREE B.Tech for 100 Women & 50 Men by Sahayata Trust (100 Girls + 50 Boys) www.youtube.com Minority Scholarship Online Test

Your 3 mins can help a MINORITY brother/sister become Engineer without paying B.Tech Tuition FEE

1. Who will pay B.Tech Tuition Fee of 150 Minority Students?
– Sahayata Trust Hyderabad in collaboration with Other Scholarship Providers will pay B.Tech Tuition fees of 150 Minority Students (Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhists, Parsis, Jains)

2. Why will Sahayata Trust pay?
Click – https://youtu.be/6dWd1UURS74 to the know the reason from Syed Aneesuddin,CEO of Sahayata Trust

3. How to apply?
1. Go to *minorityscholarships.in*2.Register and take online test any time before 25-Aug-17.
2. Test has 50 multiple choice questions from Intermediate syllabus (Maths, Physics, and Chemistry).
3. To qualify score 20 marks

4. What media says about the Online test?
Click https://goo.gl/Tcqv77 to read.

5. How you can help in 3 mins?
1. You have already spent 1 Min reading this message.
2. In next 2 mins Please forward this msg to all your whatsapp groups.
3. Your 3 mins can help 150 Minority parents save 2.4 Lakhs (B.Tech Tuition Fee)

For questions please call +91-871 290 0055
Email: sahayatatest@gmail.com

This Press Release was sent by Md Raees Ahamed ESS, who can be contacted at araees(at)essgroupofschools(dot)com.



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