Nagaland: NPF clarifies on party whip



The Central Executive Council of the Naga People’s Front held an emergency meeting at the Conference Hall of the party Head Office, Kohima on July 20, 2017 at 2 pm and took stock of the present political situation. The meeting deliberated on the issues facing the party due to the dissident activities of the party legislators and decided to:-

1.    Reaffirm recognition of Shri. Kiyanilie Peseyie as the Party Chief Whip in Nagaland Legislative Assembly as appointed by Party President Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu on November 14, 2014 and notified by the Assembly Secretariat on November 15, 2014. Any other person claiming to be the Whip of the NPF party in the Assembly is self-styled, illegal and lacks validity since Party Whip is elected/ appointed by the political party and not by the legislators. In this regard, the CEC of the NPF party urges the Hon’ble Speaker of the Nagaland Assembly to take cognizance of the Whip issued by Shri. Kiyanilie Peseyie as the sole and legal Whip of the NPF party and at the same time, remind the NPF legislators that the political party issues the Whip and not the legislature party, as clearly mentioned in the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution of India.

2.    Vehemently condemn the unconstitutional, arbitrary and illogical action of the Governor in dismissing the Dr Shurhozelie-led Government and acting like the leader of the NPF dissident legislators. Moreover, he has converted the hallowed grounds of Raj Bhawan into the headquarter of the BJP.

3.    Appeal to the party legislators to strictly adhere to party principles and ideologies as enshrined in the party Constitution and though differences have cropped up within the legislature party, for the sake of the unity and cohesion of the party, strive for a via media whereby personal enmity amongst the legislators are forgiven and forgotten in the larger interest of the people and society;

4.    Extend unanimous, unflinching and unstinted support to the decision of the Disciplinary Action Committee (DAC) and Party President/ Working Presidents in taking the decision to expel Shri. TR Zeliang from the party for a period of 6 years;

5.    Urge the DAC of the party to closely coordinate with the grassroots functionaries of the party, especially the Division Presidents, in scrutinizing the activities of the party legislators and take punitive and preventive measures as and when necessary;

6.    Remind party legislators that the party President is appointed for a specific period through voting in a General Convention of the party and not by the legislators, and can be dropped/ impeached only by following clearly-laid down Constitutional procedures/ provisions.

7.    Urge all rank and file of the party to remain steadfast behind the party principles and ideologies and to strictly adhere to the party Constitution. At the same, it should be the endeavor of all responsible party functionaries to convince their respective legislators to return to the party fold under the leadership of President Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu.

8.    Appeal to all Churches throughout Naga-inhabited areas to be aware of elements trying their best to thrust the Trishul into the heartland of Christ, and to be extra vigilant in the coming days  considering that some of our leaders are being manipulated and enticed by these alien elements with seats of power.

9.    Urge all national political parties to stop forthwith their unholy tendency to destabilise regional political party Governments in the region, and remind the national parties that at present the Naga People’s Front is the torch bearer of Naga identity as well as Indian nationalism in Naga areas of the country.

10.  Express profound distress and sorrow to the flood victims and affected families in the foothills of the State.

Resolution committee: –
1.    Shri. Sebastian Zumvu –        Convenor
2.    Shri. Hotoshe Sumi      –        Member Secretary
3.    Shri. Apong pongener  –        Member
4.    Shri. Shingyu Khiam    –        Member
5.    Shri. Zaku Tsukru        –        Member

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot)com.


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