Nagaland: NPF condemns Governor


The Naga People’s Front vehemently condemns the partisan role played by the Nagaland Governor in installing a Government through backdoor without following the due process of parliamentary norms. The haste with which he has acted time favouring the RSS-friendly dispensation should be a wake-up call to the Naga people that there are elements fiercely and furiously doing the utmost to pierce the Trishul into the heart-land of Christ. The presence of RSS functionaries in large number in Nagaland in the last few days should also open the eyes of the Naga people as to what exactly is the ulterior motive behind the present political drama.

It was very clear that the Governor, who was a decorated RSS pracharak, was sent to the land of Christians with a single agenda but he could not effectively fulfil his mission so long as the BJP was riding piggy-back on the NPF. By aligning with the BJP all these years and playing host to the saffron party, the NPF was successful in containing the agenda of the BJP in Nagaland. As coalition partner, the NPF managed to keep the BJP in alive but ensuring that it was barely alive not unlike a florist making bonsai out of a tree.

To revisit electoral history in the State, the BJP won 7 seats in 2003 but later they merged with the NPF (one out of 7 died while in office before the merger). In 2008, 2 BJP candidates returned to the Assembly only to merge again with the NPF. In 2013, only one BJP returned to the House. However, after the BJP victory at the Centre in 2014, 3 NCP MLAs merged with the BJP which was contested by the NPF in the Courts thereby earning the ire of the Lok Sabha MP and former Chief Minister which is in public knowledge.

It would seem that the BJP, buoyed by the Assam and Manipur victories, plans to repeat another Arunachal experiment in Nagaland. But the BJP has another thinking coming because its culture and mentality are alien to the Naga people. Without the NPF to cloak it, the BJP would stand fully exposed and its nakedness shall never appeal to the Naga psyche.
If the Governor of Nagaland has any sense of decency and fair play, he owes to explain to the people of Nagaland and to his conscience (we believe he is not bereft of a conscience) what extenuating circumstances prompted him to support legislators sans party set up this time round when he did exactly the opposite in 2015. Or has he forgotten that in 2015 he did not entertain the NPF dissidents’ plea to dismiss the then so-called “minority” Government of TR Zeliang who then had the sanction and mandate of the party set up?

The Governor should also not gloat over his act of dismissing the NPF-led DAN Government and installing and expelled legislator because this has shown the vindictiveness he harbours: The day after the NPF severed ties with the BJP, the Governor dismissed the NPF-led Government! He has shown his true colors for all to see.

Issued by:
Media & Press Bureau,
Naga People’s Front,
Central Headquarters, Kohima

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot)com.


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