Over 30 more evacuated from Henglep


CCpur, July 30 2017: Over 30 disease ridden villagers from Henglep arrived tonight at about 8.20 taking the total number of evacuees close to 200.

Due to the lack of accommodation at the hospital for nearly a hundred patients who were evacuated yesterday they are now crammed at the KKL’s makeshift camp where Assam Rifles has also erected tents to ease the congestion.

They were however shifted to the Youth Hostel late in the evening.

Except for 19 children and a couple of elderly men, the remaining villagers who were evacuated yesterday are now stationed at the hostel where the district administration has made arrangements to accommodate them.

The new group of evacuees that arrived tonight are however under observation and hence it is still not known how many of them will be admitted to the hospital and how many will be shifted to the youth hostel.

Source: The Sangai Express


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