Restriction on Manipur taxis in Nagaland causes untold hardship to passengers


Kangpokpi, July 04 2017: Taxi passengers from the State travelling to neighbouring Nagaland have faced untold hardship as they have been compelled to travel about 3 kms stretch on foot along the Mao-Khuzama road due to restriction on movement of Manipur passenger carrier taxis imposed by the Southern Angami Tata Sumo Union (SATSU) since May 8 this year .

SATSU has, since May 8, put a restriction on Manipur taxis plying between Kohima – Mao .

SATSU alleged that taxi bodies of Mao and Senapati failed to respond to an agreement.

At the same time, Mao Tata Sumo Welfare Union (MTSWU) and Senapati District Taxi Welfare Union (SDTWU) alleged SATSU of not willing to solve the issue amicably .

The tussle between taxi bodies of Manipur and Nagaland has caused untold inconvenience to passengers from Manipur travelling to Nagaland or passing through the road .

Helpless innocent taxi passengers have no options, but walk around 3 kms stretch with their luggage along the slippery road under the summer sun and unpredictable monsoon to reach their respective destination .

Kaini Mary, an occasional passenger from Manipur said, “Imagine the plights of a lone woman passenger like me carrying more than one heavy baggage or a helpless woman carrying her child with baggage walking along the slippery road of nearly 3 kms stretch due to ‘misunderstanding between taxi bodies’.”
Mary said that the issue should be seriously viewed by both Govt of Nagaland and Manipur apart from concerned CSOs so that an amicable settlement is arrived at .

According to Mao Tata Sumo Welfare Union (MTSWU), which is affiliated to Senapati District Taxi Welfare Union (SDTWU), the impasse occurred when SATSU restricted movement of Manipur taxi within their jurisdiction despite the Manipur taxis having a National permit.

At the same time, SATSU reportedly claimed that the issue has a long, complicated history dating back to 2010 when a Southern Angami driver was harassed in Senapati .

Mention may be made that nearly 70 taxis registered under Mao Tata Sumo Welfare Union and Senapati District Taxi Welfare Union have been providing Senapati – Dimapur (Direct) service and Senapati – Mao Gate, Mao gate – Kohima and Mao – Dimapur service daily where around 600/700 passengers availed the services on daily basis .

These services have been disrupted for almost two months since May 8 when the Southern Angami Tata Sumo Union (SATSU) put a restriction on Manipur taxis plying between Kohima – Mao .

It may be also be recalled that the Chief Minister’s Office of Nagaland after two weeks of the impasse had asserted that the NPF led DAN Government will not let the issue of restriction on taxis from Mao by SATSU sour the relations between the two traditional neighbours (Nagaland and Manipur), especially after friendly Governments in the two States .

However, the impasse turned bitter at least for the innocent passengers, if not for the Government of Nagaland and Manipur.

Their innocent passengers’ grievances remained unattended for almost two months now.

Source: The Sangai Express


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