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Nagaland: Shurhozelie says present crisis a blessing in disguise

Crisis Blessing In Disguise: Dr Shurhozelie

The present political crisis in the party is a blessing in disguise and this is a God-given opportunity to screen out the grain from the chaff, said Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu, President of Naga People’s Front and former Chief Minister.

Addressing party functionaries at his private residence this afternoon, Liezietsu said “we have identified the polluted leaders and had filtered them from the party for good. Only the faithful leaders are now in the party. The party can work peacefully and conveniently for the welfare of the party and the Naga people since corrupt and polluted leaders have been removed from the party.”

He called the 11 MLAs who stood firm with the party as the “seeds of NPF party”.

Urging party leaders and workers to stand firm on their conviction and principles, Dr. Shürhozelie said that NPF will grow taller and stronger with only the faithful and dedicated leaders to lead the party.

Coming down heavily on the BJP-RSS ideology and principles, the former Chief Minister said that NPF has severed all ties with the BJP to protect the identity and the rights of the Nagas. He said that earlier, due to its alliance with the BJP, the party on many occasion could not speak out the truth. However, he said now the NPF does not have any hesitation to speak the truth for the Naga people.

Further, NPF president said that the NPF is not against Hinduism but stated that it will not allow the saffron party to create disturbance to Naga politics and went on to add that Governor PB Acharya, who is also a hardcore RSS pracharak, violated all the constitutional provisions and established laws to bring down his government but that he will never achieve his dream to install a BJP government in Nagaland.

He also said that though the NPF party detached its alliance with the BJP he appreciates Prime Minster Narendra Modi for courageously supporting and strengthening the ongoing Naga Peace process and on curbing corruption.

Dr. Shürhozelie cautioned the party leaders that TR Zeliang and group have destroyed the government and now they will try to destabilise even the party. However, he reminded that if the party leaders stand committed and firm, no force of money or power can destroy the party.

He asserted that since rotten potatoes were removed from the sack, the NPF party shall rule beyond 2018.
On MKR Pillai case, the former Chief Minister questioned why so many legislators have reservation to hand over the case to CBI for inquiry.

NPF legislator CL John is his short speech termed the present crisis as “vitamin” for the party stating that filtering the corrupted MLA from the party will now make the party stronger. He also said that the crisis as revival period for the party to go stronger.

NPF MLA, Yitachu in his speech said that NPF party is growing from strength to strength and even expanding its wings to other Naga-inhabited areas that the BJP Government at the Centre got scared and brought all mechanisms at its disposal to bring down Dr. Shürhozelie NPF government.

Therefore, Yitachu asserted that those who uphold the NPF party principles are upholding the future of the Nagas.
MLA, Vikheho Swu admitted that crisis after crisis within the NPF party occurred due to some disgruntlement and power mongering among MLAs themselves that “quality time for the development of the state could not be availed sincerely.” He therefore, called upon the people to elect only sincere and dedicated leaders in the future.

MLA Chotisu Sazo who also spoke on the occasion appreciated the party leaders for standing firm despite crisis within the party legislature. He went on to warn that many dissident MLAs may come to lure party leaders with lucrative offers but urged to uphold the true spirit of the party.

During the programme, NPF working president, Huska Yepthomi, Women Wing President, Tonlih Wangsa, Youth Wing President, Vihoshe Swu, Farmers Wing President, Lanukaba Ao and Minority Wing President, Bishnu Bhattacharjee also spoke on the occasion.

Issued by:
Media & Press Bureau
Naga People’s Front
Central Headquarters, Kohima; Nagaland

This Press Release was sent by NPF Bureau, who can be contacted at npfpressbureau(at)rediffmail(dot)com.



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