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Dalai Lama wins heart with unity, non-violence call

IMPHAL, Oct 18 : While taking due note of the insurgency movements seen in the North East region as seen elsewhere in different parts of the world, Tibetan spiritual leader Dalai Lama has asserted that mankind need to unite and work collectively for the welfare of humanity.

Dalai Lama who arrived here yesterday on a two-day visit to the State left Imphal this afternoon after attending a civic reception function held at City Convention Centre.
All the seven billion people or so inhabiting earth are one and same.

Observing that there are many similarities between Manipur and Tibet, the spiritual leader said that he was gratified with his visit to Manipur.

The entire race of mankind wants to live in peace. Yet there are so many conflicts across the world and all these conflicts were created only by mankind.

There are insurgency movements in the North East region but what is more important is unity among mankind, Dalai Lama said.

Saying that he is envious of the unity forged by European countries under the banner of the European Union, the spiritual leader expressed keen desire for Asiatic countries like India, China, Japan etc to walk together on a similar path of unity.

India is a diverse country where there are so many communities who speak different languages and profess different religious faiths. Yet there is peace and harmony in India. This is something which other countries must learn from India, he continued.

Man should learn to control emotions including anger for it can prove to be destructive. Mankind needs to exercise their intellect and wisdom in constructive manner.

All kinds of conflicts and confrontations seen across the world can be resolved only through dialogues. The approach to resolve conflicts by using force is outdated.

A force may be able to suppress violent activities for sometime but brute force will never be able to subdue the spirit which fuelled the violence. As such, suppression of violence through brute force would only breed more violence in the long run.

Mankind need to shed all parochial outlooks but encompass broader vision and ideas, advocated the spiritual leader.

Just as Tibetans have been protecting and preserving their culture and traditions, other communities too need to preserve and promote their own culture and traditions.
At the same time, no Nation should harbour any thought of dominating another Nation or enforce their own religious faith upon another community.

Tibetans adopted a resolution in 1974 not to take their National issue to the UN rather they decided to preserve and promote their own culture and traditions, Dalai Lama said. Feudal system has no place in the modern world. Powers should not be concentrated in the hands of a single man.

Saying that he is now 65 and he retired from politics in 2011, Dalai Lama announced that the institution of Dalai Lama would be disbanded for Tibetans now believe more in democracy.

Manipur Legislative Assembly Speaker Y Khemchand expressed his gratitude to the spiritual leader for his enthusiastic response to the former’s invitation to visit Manipur.
People of Manipur yearn for peace and the spiritual leader’s visit to the State would certainly pave way for unity among different communities of the State, Khemchand said.
He further exuded confidence that conflicts and differences seen in the State can be resolved on the negotiating table.

Many MLAs, Chief Secretary RR Rashmi and other high ranking officials of the State Government were also present at the reception function.

Source: The Sangai Express



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