Doctor must not be transfered from Jiribam


JIRIBAM | Dec 17 : Women Association for Social Economic Development (WASED), Jiribam, IKAL, Jiribam and Meitei Pangal Women Development and Welfare Association, Jiribam have vehemently condemned defamatory charges against Dr. G. Sonachand Sharma.

A release said after conducting a thorough investigation, it has been found that the Doctor is found innocent and has nothing to do with any of the allegations. The mentioned organisations have found that the charges were framed against him so that he may leave Jiribam, and appealed not to repeat such acts defamation again. The release said it would be huge loss for Jiribam if such a good doctor leaves the district.

The release further said the young doctor had been attending the needs of the poor people of Jiribam and working along with the civil society organisations of Jiribam. The district is still suffering from the lack of doctors as most of them had been transferred. If the doctor had indeed committed any of the alleged wrong doings, then the people can correct and give guidance towards the right direction.

Lastly, the people should come together to bring development for the 50 bedded hospital at Uchathol, Jiribam and work to bring in the required facilities and doctors.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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