Meetei Chanu contestants to qualify traditional practices


IMPHAL | Dec 14 : After the success of first event, Lainingthou Sanamahee Sana Pung (LSSP) is organising the second edition of Meitei Chanu, a beauty pageant, said a release by Organising Committee Meetei Chanu.

The release said that screening and audition of the beauty pageant was conducted on December 10 and the grand finale will be held on December 23 at BOAT from 5 pm onwards.

As part of the event, the contestants have to go through several stages before the grand finale. On December 12, the contestants visited Kumbi Old Age Home, where they were examined on how they attend the elders. Today, the contestants were taken to Kangla Fort to induce them about historical and cultural milieu of the old palace of Manipur. Tomorrow, there will be a session called ‘Phu Houba’ at Eputhou Chingu Marjing, where the contestants will be preparing different indigenous cuisines of Manipur. On December 16, the contestants will be doing ‘Sumang Wai Teiba’, a household activity of Meetei women.

After clearing all the activities and stages, the contestants will be ready for the day of grand finale, said the release.

Source: Imphal Free Press


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