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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Politics Of Honesty

By Ananya S Guha Even as the Chief Ministers in three North East states were sworn in very little attention seemed to be paid to...

Incomplete Social Contract and Divergent Interests: Manipur`s sinking Titanic

By Amar Yumnam John Maynard Keynes wrote in his The Great Slump of 1930 thus: “We have involved ourselves in a colossal muddle, having blundered in...

Illegal immigration drive in Manipur

By Ningthoujam Rc In the midst of hullabaloos for re-implementation of Inner Line Permit in Manipur, the government of Manipur is taking up some measures...

Need for a valiant police to uncover MANIPUR’S DRUG DON

Need for a valiant police to uncover MANIPUR’S DRUG DON By: Seram Neken Budding of beautiful and costly buildings in many parts of the state, plying of...
ILPS Demand Protest in Manipur - Students injured in police action

INDIA: Government Masterplan: Kick the Students Out of School

By: Urikhimbam Jenison   The Manipur state government has closed down all educational institutions in the state in an attempt to curb the ongoing movement for...

Deepening Poverty of the Poor: The immediate challenge

By Amar Yumnam Adam Smith wrote in 1776 in his celebrated  classic An Enquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations thus: ...

The New Republic?

By B.G. Verghese Welcome to the New Republic. The landmark 2014 election has ended a fading era and ushered in a new one. The country...

The Poet, the Chief Minister and the Fear: Rajkumar Bhubonsana, Okram Ibobi and Highway

By M C Arun A common thing is there between Mr Rajkumar Bhubonsana and Mr Okram Ibobi. Rajkumar Bhubonsana is a famous poet in Manipur. He...

Studies in Contrast

By B.G. Verghese If ten years after his anointment as the future hope of the Party, last week’s CII address was to mark the new...

Are Women Street Sellers Criminals?

Are Women Street Sellers Criminals? By Rajkumar Bobichand We are proud of two historical events where women fought against the British rulers – one in 1904...

Demography Watch: How Northeast India Was Christianised In The Last 100 Years

Source: Swarajyamag Northeast India forms a major region of Christian concentration in India today. Of the 2.78 crore Christians counted in 2011, 78 lakh are...

Malaysian campaign by Major General Sir Gerald Templar around 1945

By Lt. Col. (Retd) H. Bhuban Singh The Second World War had already begun in Europe on 1st September 1939 when Adolf Hitler, the Chancellor...
Google Doodles London 2012 Artistic Gymnastics Men's Rings

Kokrajhar : A case of human landmines

By Deben Bachaspatimayum Many of us seem to be enjoying to share the news of ‘fresh killing’ in Kokrajhar. It could be for reasons of...

Discrimination: How should we deal with it?

Discrimination: How should we deal with it? By Desperate Dreamer Discrimination. This phenomenon has for long been the talking point for people who have opportunistic interests...