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Thursday, February 2, 2023

Tintin’s Hair

By Malangba Bangormayum Father called me that morning. He had been wondering and trying to get hold of ‘whom’ that his grandson, my son reminded...

Who are We Trying to Fool?

By Ananya S Guha The Central Government has taken up the helicopters deal with the British Prime Minister. Although the Company involved is an Anglo...

Signs Of The Times

By Humra Quraishi Signs Of The Times Some dark realities emerging this entire week …in fact, my stomach churned and the uterus revolted , as...

Do Not Comment; Do Not Discourage

By: Pukhrambam Linthoingambi Devi Why can't we, human being, digest others' success? We are always taught that in order to be an ideal person, we...

A quintessential Laissez-faire atypically

A quintessential Laissez-faire atypically Government of Manipur is only my Driving license issuer It is about questioning the Manipurs' economic policies on the lines of Welfare...

Why did we shift to democracy?

Why did we shift to democracy? "The adoption of democracy was good, but I rather opt for monarchy than watching this sickening and unnecessary wastage of...

Food: Our Survival Strategy

By M.C. Linthoingambee Even with the increasing count of deadlock of the storm of tragedies which occurred in Uttarkhand because of the ravage of flood...
Students of Kakhulong Junior High School looking into their classroom on Monday

Life Process and Social Process

By Bobo Khuraijam The excitement of examination getting over especially during the school days was boundless. A long list of things to be done after...

Those Student Days

By Suchitra Devi Potsangbam As the X and XII Board Examinations knock again, wishes and prayers fill the heart most part of the days. The...

Ebola Racing

By M.C. Linthoingambee In a densely populated country like India where there are massive crowds made up of people teeming together as seen in its...

Shrinking Selves

By Bobo Khuraijam Time had come for the guests to be dropped home after the dinner. Not that late for an evening but considered to...

Why Should We Conserve Biodiversity?

By Dr. R.K. Ranjan Singh Biodiversity? The living organisms are found almost everywhere on earth. Hot desert, extremely cold places, like north and south pole, high...

Exam bells a-ringing

By Tinky Ningombam Some wise men said that the fruits of labor are the sweetest, that if you succeed after having worked harder, it gives...

Once upon a time…

By Tinky Ningombam Everyone loves a good story. Be it as a kid or as an adult, a good story always captivates our mind. All...