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Cirrhosis : Basics and laboratory diagnosis

Dr David Howdijam MD Cirrhosis is severe scarring of the liver caused by chronic liver disease. As healthy liver tissue is damaged over a long...

Telephonic interview for jobs

We have published articles related to skills needed for interview. We thank our readers for their feedbacks and queries. This edition, we are publishing...

Points on election manifesto for the 2017 election in Manipur

Dr Khomdon Lisam From previous issue The Act was passed by Indian Parliament vide bill no. 95-F of 1959 Act, no, 33 of 1960 to make...

Children in Agitations: Is it a unique gift of the ailing system ?

In the midst of varied social, economic and political problems confronting Manipur society today, children of the state are in a state of absolute...

Dear RBI, it’s not about hoarding notes, it’s about shortage of cash

Vivek Kaul In the press conference that followed the monetary policy on December 7, 2016, R Gandhi, one of the deputy governors of the Reserve...

History, pathology, clinical symptom and prophylaxis of rabies

Ronald Panmei Rabies, also called Hydrophobia(Lyssa, Rage or Mad dog) is a deadly virus spread to people or another animal from bites of rabies infected...

You are born as a free man, at least die as a free man

Birkarnelzelzit ThiyamZero bulbs are useless for searching things in the dark but pleasingly useful for searching peace in night to get mingled in the...

Involve the States more in higher education

CN Krishnan Every year, India dreams of its higher educational institutions rising up to world standards in terms of ranking, number of peer-reviewed publications, and...

Be happy to be happy coz you want to be happy

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam Are you bored of this kind of life? For me, yes. I am bored. But every time I try to find happiness, sadness...

Your lotus mind

Mickey Mehta Choking on air, breathing in pollutants, developing allergic reactions to known and unknown pathogens and sitting on a volcano of infectious and emerging...

Career as Chef

Ranjan K Baruah Many of us are fond of cooking, we love to cook and also taste different cuisines. We cook food ourselves or sometime...

Demonetisation & what next?

Free Thinker The thrill of monetary equality dies when you suddenly realize that there are mountains of hidden bullions and unaccounted assets (immovable properties etc)....

Widening the STI Net for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda – By...

Widening the STI Net for Implementation of the Sustainable Development Agenda By Dr. Shamshad Akhtar Investment in science, technology and innovation (STI) needs to be the backbone...