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Saturday, July 2, 2022

No Time for Halting Approaches: Time to think and immediate action

  By Amar Yumnam The present phase in human history is marked by features of immediacy and decisions of long term relationships on the shortest possible...
Amar Yumnam

Giving Ibobi the Credit: Reappreciating the Issue

By Amar Yumnam It is good that Ibobi has come back from Tokyo,  without further proceeding to Europe and others. It is a case of...

Gandhi and Moral Authority: India`s Current Mess

By Amar Yumnam India is now characterised by a common issue seizing the mind of all cross-sections of the population. The politicians (the country does...

Nero Fiddled when Rome Burned: It is for real

  By Amar Yumnam Nero was an Emperor of the Roman Empire in the beginning of Christian era. He is considered by history as one of...

No, We Are Not Convinced. So We Are Unhappy

By Amar Yumnam The inimitable Charles Dickens once said:  “When a man bleeds inwardly, it is a dangerous thing for himself; but when he laughs...

The Loktak:The tragedy and the way forward

By Amar Yumnam The author is celebrating his 25 wedding anniversary today and we wish him many happy returns of the day To an academic, a...

Socio-Economic Situation In Manipur: Poverty, budget and all that

By Amar Yumnam One political economic characteristic of Manipur so far has been the absolute absence of thinking about the people of Manipur and of...

Demise of Productive Institutions and Rise of `Social Workers`: Manipur Tragedy

By Amar Yumnam There is an interesting Latin phrase as "absentee la edit cum ebrio quilitigat". When translated into English, it runs as: "to quarrel...

Anna Hazare Wins and Nation Building Suffers: Manipur angle to a country-wide issue

By Amar YumnamIn the light of unprecedented cases of corruption, both in volume and frequency, two recent cartoons are of immediate meaningful relevance and...

Urban Development Yes, Management Questionable: Manipur`s current issues

By Amar Yumnam Manipur is right now facing some veritable issues relating to the development and the management of her capital, the Imphal city. The...

If You Love a Bird… Time to Mature India’s Manipur policy

By Amar Yumnam There is a saying and a lovely one at that which goes as: “If you love a bird, set it free. If...

Killing Justice In the Name of Justice: What`s happening in Manipur?

By Amar Yumnam Justice is what would be on everybody’s lips and is what everybody desires. Everybody cries foul in Manipur and laments that justice...

Cauldron of Pretensions, Confusions and Opportunisms for, By the North East and Of the...

By Amar Yumnam This is the moment necessitating extreme introspection, sublime efforts for contextual understanding, and freeing from the routine approaches for appreciating the social...

Identity Formation and the Social Ethos: Pathways of Progress

By Amar Yumnam The concept of individual as used in Economics is now being subjected to renewed scrutiny in the wake of the new...