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Non-Occurrence Of Development: Manipur riddle

Non-Occurrence Of Development: Manipur riddle By Amar Yumnam The biggest riddle of Manipur is the potential and revealed capability of the people accompanied by the continuous...

Nationalism, Pretentious Governance And Manipur: Need for critical application of mind

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events are critical testimony to the character and quality of governance we have in Manipur; these two display in full...

Governance Absent, but Tradition to the Rescue

By Amar Yumnam We know for sure that the government is there. One may ask as how we can be so sure about it. Well,...

World In Rethink Mode: Is Manipur Joining?

By Amar Yumnam When the Soviet Union disappeared, the world was largely in a celebrative mood. But when the global economy has suffered the latest...

From 2014 To 2015: Expectations on social life

By Amar Yumnam The year just gone by has experienced significant changes in the political front. India underwent a dramatic shift in the power centre...

Make media a free zone, don`t disturb media, media is for all, IPR minister...

IMPHAL, November 16: The Directorate of Information & Public Relations, government of Manipur today observed the National Press Day 2011 and also distributed the...

Hello, Hello, Hello, Am I talking to Electricity Complaint Room ?

“One who pays bills regularly, even if he is the poorest or the most backward, is more important than a Very Important Person who...

Messiness as Social Agenda: Dilemma of transition

By Amar Yumnam Every individual and every society goes through phases of transformation. This is however never a continuous process nor a linear progression. It...

Terrorism, One to Nine and Still to Count and Fractionalisation: Manipur today

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events have caught the attention of social analysts in the land of the jewels (people say, but we are yet...

Steal, My Countrymen, Steal: A Survival Kit in Contemporary India

By: Amar Yumnam The fundamental drive for human beings is survival, Darwin or no Darwin. Now this survival has meanings only when we can afford...

“Mubarak: Enter + Shift + Delete”- Civilisational lessons of the Egypt Revolution[1]

by Amar Yumnam It all started in a small Arab country with only about one-third the population of Manipur, Tunisia. The powerful dictatorial president of...

Entrepreneurship In Policy-Making: Modi’s hallmark and Manipur’s lacuna

By Amar Yumnam Change and development do not happen in a vacuum. The UPA II period was a vacuum. There was no authority, no accountability,...

Killing Justice In the Name of Justice: What`s happening in Manipur?

By Amar Yumnam Justice is what would be on everybody’s lips and is what everybody desires. Everybody cries foul in Manipur and laments that justice...

Higher Education Worldwide: The diversifying and multiplying scenario

By Amar Yumnam Attending the Indo-Global Education Summit in Delhi during 4 and 5 of November of 2011 has been an enhancing experience personally as...