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Sunday, April 2, 2023

Manipur and The Development Demands: Media, knowledge and all that

  By Amar Yumnam T.S. Eliot once said: “What is actual is actual only for one time. And only for one place.” Let us apply this...

Manipur`s Time: Our turn to catch

By Amar Yumnam Time is of the essence. This is more so in in the case of development trajectory of a society. A society does...

World In Rethink Mode: Is Manipur Joining?

By Amar Yumnam When the Soviet Union disappeared, the world was largely in a celebrative mood. But when the global economy has suffered the latest...

A Visit to Thoubal: Ibobi as Instrumental Value

By Amar Yumnam I was in Thoubal on Sunday. This was my visit to the side after about a gap of one year. I must...

The Idea of Manipur: Time for deep introspection

By Amar Yumnam What matters most in sustaining a society? What makes a thriving society different from the one failing to evolve into a higher...

NE crucial in India-Myanmar relations

By Our Correspondent NEW DELHI, April 14: A brainstorming session on Indo-Myanmar economic relationships was held Thursday at the India Habitat Centre in Delhi. The session...

No lacuna in MU Committee: VC

IMPHAL, April 9: There is no lacuna in the procedure of constituting the syllabus committee of Human Rights & Duties Education in Manipur University...

Higher Education in the Northeast: The Disconnects and the Challenges

By Amar Yumnam Higher education in our region has been a major issue of debate and discussion among academics based in the colleges and universities...

Make media a free zone, don`t disturb media, media is for all, IPR minister...

IMPHAL, November 16: The Directorate of Information & Public Relations, government of Manipur today observed the National Press Day 2011 and also distributed the...

Economy Wounded, But Who Cares: Vote, governance and slippery population

By Amar Yumnam On the second Saturday of this month, I entered with a friend a high-end cookies and sweetmeat store in Imphal; being high-end,...

Higher Education Worldwide: The diversifying and multiplying scenario

By Amar Yumnam Attending the Indo-Global Education Summit in Delhi during 4 and 5 of November of 2011 has been an enhancing experience personally as...

Why the Armed Forces Special Powers Act Should Go: Some New Arguments

By Amar Yumnam The despised, dreaded and utterly undemocratic Armed Forces Special Powers Act is again in the news, debates and hurling of blames consequent...

Governance Absent, but Tradition to the Rescue

By Amar Yumnam We know for sure that the government is there. One may ask as how we can be so sure about it. Well,...

Governance Focus Right, but Where is the Proof of Direction

By Amar Yumnam The Planning Commission of India has recently presented to the country the Approach Paper to the Twelfth Five Year Plan starting 1...