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Friday, August 19, 2022

Communal, Corrupt and Criminal: New Picture of Manipuris

By Amar Yumnam In this column last week, I had sung a feeble song  of the competitive spirit of the Meeteis and the relative sharpening...

Sargent and Sims and Macroeconomics after Keynesianism

By Amar Yumnam Now the world is concerned with the issues of financial meltdown. These issues affect the economy of a nation as a whole...

The Trend and The Risks: Towards Further Instability

By Amar Yumnam We need not master the great Einstein’s theory of relativity to establish that the deteriorating condition Manipur now finds herself has to...

No, We Are Not Convinced. So We Are Unhappy

By Amar Yumnam The inimitable Charles Dickens once said:  “When a man bleeds inwardly, it is a dangerous thing for himself; but when he laughs...

Gandhi and Moral Authority: India`s Current Mess

By Amar Yumnam India is now characterised by a common issue seizing the mind of all cross-sections of the population. The politicians (the country does...
Amar Yumnam

Giving Ibobi the Credit: Reappreciating the Issue

By Amar Yumnam It is good that Ibobi has come back from Tokyo,  without further proceeding to Europe and others. It is a case of...

Nero Fiddled when Rome Burned: It is for real

  By Amar Yumnam Nero was an Emperor of the Roman Empire in the beginning of Christian era. He is considered by history as one of...

Demise of Productive Institutions and Rise of `Social Workers`: Manipur Tragedy

By Amar Yumnam There is an interesting Latin phrase as "absentee la edit cum ebrio quilitigat". When translated into English, it runs as: "to quarrel...

Steal, My Countrymen, Steal: A Survival Kit in Contemporary India

By: Amar Yumnam The fundamental drive for human beings is survival, Darwin or no Darwin. Now this survival has meanings only when we can afford...

Meecham Praja: The forgotten common men in Manipur

  By:  Amar Yumnam The basic purpose of having an administration and a governance system anywhere needs to be recalled and analysed at this moment of...

Terrorism, One to Nine and Still to Count and Fractionalisation: Manipur today

By Amar Yumnam Two recent events have caught the attention of social analysts in the land of the jewels (people say, but we are yet...

Killing Justice In the Name of Justice: What`s happening in Manipur?

By Amar Yumnam Justice is what would be on everybody’s lips and is what everybody desires. Everybody cries foul in Manipur and laments that justice...

Technology, Knowledge Economy and Emotions: Manipur Scenario

In this age of globalisation of information, technology, culture, norms and even emotions, no region or community can remain unaffected by the changes. This...

“Playing for Change” and Bluffing for Change: Civilised behaviour vis-a-vis Manipur behaviour

By Amar Yumnam Thomas Hobbes said in his classic Leviathan thus: “All Laws need Interpretation”. We can think of paraphrasing him and assert thus: All...