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Thursday, August 11, 2022

The Loktak:The tragedy and the way forward

By Amar Yumnam The author is celebrating his 25 wedding anniversary today and we wish him many happy returns of the day To an academic, a...

Health, Pollution and the State: Absence of regulation and common sense

By Amar Yumnam Absence of Regulation: The general health indicators of Manipur are robust as compared to the rest of India. This has been corroborated...

Reaching Out and Connectivity Compulsions But A Failing State Instead: Our tragedy

By Amar YumnamConflicts have been with humankind since the beginning of life on this planet. The presence of conflict is not something which should...

Urban Development Yes, Management Questionable: Manipur`s current issues

By Amar Yumnam Manipur is right now facing some veritable issues relating to the development and the management of her capital, the Imphal city. The...

Remain Unconcerned and Ensure a Future of OurYouths as Pimps and Prostitutes: Manipur and...

By Amar YumnamThree recent developments relating to the development agenda of Asia are of critical importance to the people and land of the region....

Information Society and Manipur Society: Bloody Who Cares?

By Amar Yumnam The society of Manipur is at best a conglom eration of disconnected sets. The fundamental basisfor any society’s progress and enhancement of...

Death of the Moral Component and Demise of the Future

By Amar Yumnam Whenever I meet a friend, influential as well as not so ones, I am invariably asked and naturally too as to how...

Youths, Drugs and Justice: Absence of Smooth Transition

By Amar Yumnam Recently we have been receiving news about the arrest of youths on criminal grounds. The latest in this genre is the arrest...

Anna Hazare Wins and Nation Building Suffers: Manipur angle to a country-wide issue

By Amar YumnamIn the light of unprecedented cases of corruption, both in volume and frequency, two recent cartoons are of immediate meaningful relevance and...

We Are Missing Something Terribly: The state

By Amar Yumnam We have been very critical of the nature of the state as it manifests in Manipur. This critical attitude had at times...

Development Sustained, But What Does That Mean?

By Amar Yumnam The world is right now preoccupied with the winds of change blowing across North Africa and Middle East. These establish or...

Identity Formation and the Social Ethos: Pathways of Progress

By Amar Yumnam The concept of individual as used in Economics is now being subjected to renewed scrutiny in the wake of the new...

Leviathan Under Pressure: Winds of change

By Amar Yumnam The winds of change are blowing the world over. Corruption and authoritarian regimes are under pressure in all the countries today. While...

“Mubarak: Enter + Shift + Delete”- Civilisational lessons of the Egypt Revolution[1]

by Amar Yumnam It all started in a small Arab country with only about one-third the population of Manipur, Tunisia. The powerful dictatorial president of...