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Sunday, March 26, 2023

Life is about learning to take it easy

By Tinky Ningombam It was some years back, just a couple of days old in my corporate life; I was chatting with a group of...

Love thy neighbour

By Tinky Ningombam Prejudices and Steteotypes are age-old maladies in this world. And I believe as long as we have a thinking mind, we will...

The humanities : an important field of study

By Tinky Ningombam The other day I was having a conversation on how “Humanities” as a subject stream was mostly opted by young people who...

Being true to your emotions

By Tinky Ningombam It was 6 September 1997 when I saw the Live broadcast of Princess Diana’s funeral service on TV. It was a memorable...

A little respect goes a long way

By Tinky Ningombam A lot has already started happening in the new year. As Delhi launches its political brigade against corruption, the country waits for...

Three recollections

By Tinky Ningombam As the year comes to an end, one cannot help feeling the need to set resolutions, One favorite of mine has been...

The Art of Gifting

By Tinky Ningombam Christmas is around the corner and so are the New Year’s celebrations and all I see are people buying presents. I always...

Why do we choose to forget?

By Tinky Ningombam Our mind works in wondrous ways. Without the mind’s ability to store our past memories, we will not be the personalities we...

Anyone care for a selfie ?

By Tinky Ningombam The Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year for 2013 is “selfie.” In what seems to be perhaps the most inevitable choice, “Selfies”...

Time to market those secret recipes

By Tinky Ningombam Winters remind me of good food back home. As the lazy mornings quietly crawl in, we lay out our mats to sun...

How safe is your password?

By Tinky Ningombam With Smartphones, ATM machines and Internet usage occupying most our day-to-day lives, we have come to realize how difficult life is becoming...

A self-fulfilling prophecy

By Tinky Ningombam I bet you have friends who are self claimed oracles; People who repeat “I told you so” after every bad incident that...

The games we play

By Tinky Ningombam About 20 years back, we used to boast about how many marbles we collected or how many dresses our dolls had or...

Finding our role models

By Tinky Ningombam As children we have lived fantastical lives. We have had imaginary friends, had conversations with imaginary characters and acted like rock-stars, superheroes...