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Sunday, March 26, 2023

NOTA option: the thing to look forward to

By Tinky Ningombam The Supreme Court bench headed by Chief Justice of India P. Sathasivam made a historic announcement on Friday. Under the order, the...

Prone to hyperbole

By Tinky Ningombam I recently got duped by a friend (who meant well, I think) and sent me to attend an event which was supposed...

Oh captain, my captain

By Tinky Ningombam A lot of my friends celebrated their first Teacher’s Day with pride and an air of satisfied glee on finally being on...

Strange people, strange world

By: Tinky Ningombam No-one wants to be a stranger and be called one. You are as strange as the next person. Everyone in this world...

Pitch right with your CV

By: Tinky Ningombam For a fresh graduate out in the job market, making a good CV is an inevitable necessity. Jobs, scholarship applications, grants call...

A world without lies

By Tinky Ningombam Lie (verb): to make an untrue statement with intent to deceive We have often been preached by older folks: parents, family, teachers and...

Why PR needs some PR soon

By: Tinky Ningombam   Customer Executive: So Ma’am, please tell me your job-profile? Me: Image Manager Customer Executive: Which industry? Me: Public Relations & Social Media Customer Executive: err… is...

The wait for Godot?

By Tinky Ningombam I am an agnostic.  I believe there is a possibility that a supernatural being/ thought/ consciousness can possibly exist, but if it/he/she...

Forever Young

By Tinky Ningombam Being part of Kang Chingba (Rath-Yatra) this year after almost a decade made me realise how old I have become and how...

Home : where all our stories began

By Tinky Ningombam It has been a hectic yet pleasant one week in Imphal and like every home-coming non-resident; I try to squeeze in as...

Money, get back!

By Tinky Ningombam I am tired of reading about really rich people telling you how to save up. It is sad and superficial as listening...

The ever-elusive search for self-identity

By Tinky Ningombam The question of self-identity is something that has haunted me for years and mostly due to external affectations. And just as finding...

Is everyone hooked to a TV Series ?

By Tinky Ningombam Are you a TV Serial Addict? If your whole life depends on reaching home in time to catch your favorite show, this...

To write is to live forever

By Tinky Ningombam I was loitering around the city one evening and suddenly chanced upon a small standee in a squiggly writing. It said “Books...