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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

The Creed of Love Sans Rubbish Religions

By: Sanatombi Would I be called an atheist when I get rid of a ‘Chanu’ or a ‘Devi', being suffixed with my name? These suffixes...
Students staging sit-in-protest demanding implementation of Inner Line Permit System in Manipur on Monday

Free Anti-Corruption Classes in Manipur: Hurry Limited Seats Available

You read it right. This admission season, it’s not just about enrolling for courses in Arts, Science or Commerce stream; but you can also...
Protest against the murder of Loitam Richard at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on April 29

Never Too Late To Stop Racism

I do not deny that racism exists in every corner of India; I do not even deny the very fact that in Loitam Richard’s...

From Wangkhei, With Love!

Home is a place where you grow up wanting to leave, and grow old wanting to get back to. ~ John Ed Pearce. I cannot...

It was just another bomb blast right?

By: Sanatombi Angomcha It was just another bomb blast right? Rupees 50,000 each for the injured victims and Rupees 1 lakh as ‘Asiman’ for those innocent...

A Bribed Letter to God

By: Sanatombi Angomcha Dear God Alah/Jesus/ Krishna/ Lainingthou (To Whom It May Concern), They call you by different names. They build different homes for you and...

Sanatombi Angomcha: A lamenting letter from the ‘Keithel Cow’

Dear All, If you find this letter insensible, that is simply because I have lately been suffering from the pang of separation coupled with hunger....

If I become the first ever lady Chief (Cheap) Ministress of Manipur!

A famine has been affecting everyone’s life in Manipur for all these years. This famine is the most unnatural famine one has ever come...

Chit- Fund (Marup) culture in Manipur

By: Sanatombi Angomcha I personally do not have any idea about the origin of chit-fund in Manipur- what we usually call 'marup' in Meiteilon. However,...

In the labyrinth of ‘Old Imphal’

By -Sanatombi Angomcha The beautiful ruins of the Old Kangla palace, the glorious plunk of the ‘Sana Konung’, the ever famous ‘Shamu Makhong’, the crowded...