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Friday, June 2, 2023

Nagaland: TR Zeliang spoke at the Commissioning Programme of 66kv Transmission Line

Chief Minister, TR Zeliang speaking at the Commissioning Programme of 66kv Transmission Line from Ganeshnagar to Jalukie charged at 33KV and 5 MVA 33/11...

Nagaland: NPF was not formed to serve “individuals and vested interests:” Achumbemo

KOHIMA, Aug 28 (NEPS): NPF (Shurhozelie) said the party had changed its nomenclature from time to time but it’s “Flag, Cock symbol and Motto” remained...

Nagaland: Will give chance to Gen Next in 2018: NPF

President of the Naga People’s Front and former Chief Minister of Nagaland Dr Shurhozelie Liezietsu said the NPF shall opt for younger generation as...

Neolithic artifacts from Northeast India are 2,700 years old: study

A new study confirms that the corded pottery and polished stone tools recovered from Assam and Meghalaya were more than 2,000 years-old For the first...

Arunachal Pradesh adopts rehabilitation policy for Tibetans residing in state

Dharamshala: Arunachal Pradesh has adopted a rehabilitation policy which deals with matters concerning land lease, extending Central and state benefits to Tibetans residing in...

Nagaland: Cabinet Meeeting held today at the residential Office of the CM

The Cabinet today discussed matters related to Urban Local Bodies Election and decided to sanction an amount of Rs. 60 Lakhs for construction of...

Political Messiah in Nagaland

A Political Messiah Has Come to Nagaland! Going through the Rejoinder issued by the Chief Minister’s Office in response to the Media & Press Bureau...

Nagaland: TR Zeliang welcomes initiatives of NPF Minority Wing and NPF Central Women Wing

Chief Minister, TR Zeliang today welcomed the initiative of NPF Minority Wing and NPF Central Women Wing in extending their full support to the...

Nagaland: Supremacy Of The Party

After the 91st Amendment of the 10th Schedule of the Constitution of India in 2003 where merger of Political Parties with the support of...

Nagaland: Unconstitutionality of TR Government

Nagas need to know why this Government is unconstitutional The present political imbroglio started from the 7th of July 2017 when majority of the   misguided   NPF...

Sikkim: NE™ launches app for affordable travel – An initiative of the Entrepreneur Rewaj...

August 15, 2017: Today, the world belongs to the consumer. Smartphone, online virtual assistants, digital databases have permeated every segment from retail to hospitality,...

Nagaland: Dr Shurhozelie speaks out

NPF President and Former Chief Minister, Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsu on Monday categorically termed the present crisis between the Naga People’s Front party and the...

Nagaland: NPF Youth serve Ultimatum to Rio

ULTIMATUM Whereas, it has come to our notice that an office said to be NPF office has been inaugurated at Hotel Legacy, Bayavu Hill, Kohima,...

Nagaland: Chief Minister, TR Zeliang addressing a gathering at Legacy Complex, Kohima attended by...

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