Although I am neither a scholar nor a historian, I can write proudly, KOUBA ANGANGNGA belonged to Moirang salai (clan) as per records of our THOKCHOM SAKEI PUYA, he is our ancestor / progenitor. Our ancestor, KOUBA ANGANGNGA was the son of MUBA/MUHENG, his mothers name was Nganu and his wife was LAIROKLEMBI, daughter of King KHUIYOI TOMPOK (155-264 AD). And also refer to Meitei Ningthourel written by Sarangthem Barmani Singh (p.6): Nongmainu ahongbina Yoimongba, Taothimang kouba machanupa ani amasung machanupi Lairoklembi pok-e. Leima Lairoklembidi Koubru gi ningthou Kouba angangnga da thajakhi. Here, one point is to be noted, Kouba angangnga was the King of Koubru. The five sons of Kouba angangnga were (1) Khoinai ahanba (2) Khoinai yumthangba (3) Yukokthong yaimaba (4) Irum louthiba and (5) Naorum atonba.

The first son, Khoinai ahanbas (alias Thokchao ahanba) wife was Yangkelchaobi, daughter of Luwang Ningthou Punsiba. His descendants are THOKCHOM clan (sagei). By the time being, some descendants have changed to some surnames namely 1. Polem 2. Singkhangbam 3. Ngangkham and 4. Moirang keithellakpam. My name is Thokchom Doren (Angouyaima). I, myself is one of the descendants of Khoinai ahanba son of Kouba angangnga. Let me write the ancestral lineage from Kouba angangnga to till me (Thokchom Doren). That is, Kouba angangnga Khoinai ahanba Langloi Takhemba Pengnga Khongnga Haobachet Fairen Takhemba Koireng Kongyang Kiyang Takhemba Echao Maichou Khungam Mode Mukindo Angang Akeng Chaoba Tollapishak Babu Doren(Angouyaima). Our godly forefathers kept our SAKEI PUYA safely and have been writing from the initial era to till now. I am very very proud of this. So, we dont have any confusion of the pedigrees of Thokchom Sagei and ancestor of Moirang clan.

Second son, KHOINAI YUMTHANGBAs descendants are the clans namely 1. Pukhrambam 2. Soibam 3. Meikam 4. Aheibam 5. Lairenmayum 6. Laiphrakpam 7. Ngaseppam 8. Moirangmayum and 9. Khoinaijam.

Third son, YUKOKTHONG YAIMABAs descendants are the clans namely 1. Leimajam and 2. Pannakhangbam.

Fourth son, IRU LOUTHIBAs descendants are the Wangkhem clan/sagei.

And, fifth son, NAORUM ATONBAs descendants are the clans namely 1. Hidam and 2. Khomdram

In short, the following sageis/clans, namely, Thokchom, Polem, Singkhangbam, Ngangkham, Moirang keithellakpam, Pukhrambam, Soibam, Meikam, Aheibam, Lairenmayum, Laiphrakpam, Ngaseppam, Moirangmayum, Khoinaijam, Leimajam, Pannakhangbam, Wangkhem, Hidam and Khomdram are the descendants of the progenitor / ancestor called Kouba angangnga, and we all belong to Moirang Salai.

As everybody knows, Meetei used to believe the worshipping of forefathers. The custom is known as Apokpa Khurumba. There are three types of Apokpa Khurumba in Meetei-society. They are: 1. Fungga-Apokpa (Family-Progenitor) 2. Sagei-Apokpa (Sub clan-Progenitor) 3. Salai-Apokpa (Clan-Progenitor). While we all are worshipping our Sagei-Apokpa (Sub clan-Progenitor), Farooque Ahmed (crazy & fanatic writer) is trying to take our progenitor and contaminate our Moirang salai. But, never!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is impossible, while we Kouba angangngas descendants are still alive and until his descendants are disappearing from the earth.

Farooque is running after the word Pangal. The fanatic writer (Farooque Ahmed) is trying to distort our (Moirang salai) history and he is trying to make illusion and mislead the people of Manipur that Pangal are original Mongoloid race (Tibeto-Burman origin) by using the name of Kouba angangnga instead of finding out of the real settlement of Pangal, while till today we still have our nice pedigree of THOKCHOM SAKEI . If some one would like to see it, it can be possible after taking the permission from our highly respectable elders of our Sakei (Sagei gi Epu, Epan-Epa, Eton amadi Eyamba khwai mayamgi ayaba loujaraga).

In the article Muslim Settlement History in reality, Farooque Ahmed used the words Muslim Mar instead of the word Pangal Mar, while Pangal mar existed much before Islam. Obviously, here he made a big confusion meaning between the words Pangal and Muslim to the innocent readers.

The word Pangal cant be meant Muslim. Those people who follow the religion called ISLAM are Muslims. Any community can follow Islam. For example, if one Tangkhul converts to Islam, he might be known as a Tangkhul Muslim, not Pangal or Tangkhul Pangal. One more example, if one Meetei converts to Islam, no one will say that he is a Pangal. He will be known a Meetei Muslim, not Meetei Pangal. The word Pangal is name of a community; they may follow Islam or may not. In Manipur, normally only Pangals follow Islam, thats why, some people misunderstood that Pangal means Muslim and Muslim is Pangal, even Farooque also confused. But the meaning of the word Pangal is not similar to the meaning of the word Muslim. When someone who belongs to Pangal/Meetei-Pangal introduces himself, I am a Muslim, one question is arisen automatically, because of imperfect expression, Which Muslim community you are? Arabic Muslim? Indonesia Muslim? Tamil Muslim? Chinese Muslim? or Pathan Muslim? etc. He can say Pangal Muslim or Meetei-Pangal Muslim, if he is Pangal who follows Islam. Even though Islam was born in the land of Arabs, all Arabic people are not Muslim.

B. Kulachandra Sharma writes (p.63, Meitrabakki khunthok-khundarol / Migration and settlement of Manipur): KOUBA ANGANGNGA, OKNAREL gi machanipa Khuyol yoythokchao Thokchao ahanba, thangnarel ga konba lamda khundakhi. Makhoibu Ningthoukhong haina khangnakhi. It means, they (Pangal Mar) settled in the land of Khoyul yoythokchao alias Thokchao ahanba (Khoinai ahanba) and his younger brother sons of KOUBA ANGANGNGA alias Oknarel. Hence, they were called Ningthoukhong.

In early period, Kalisha/Bishnupriya was called Pangal Mar by Meeteis. Later on, they (Ningthoukhong, Khangabok, Heirok etc.) have assimilated to Meetei-society. Some of them (Pangal Mar) returned back from Manipur and settled in Assam, Tripura, Bangladesh etc, now they are called Kalisha/Bishnupriya themselves. These groups of community did/do not follow Islam. Therefore, they (Pangal Mar) were/are not Muslim, and they (Pangal Mar) didnt belong to the present Pangal who follow Islam. Farooque took a chance to the word Pangal to make a new history of Muslim in Manipur, as the words Pangal Mar and Pangal are seemed to be similar. In short, the present Pangal (who follow the Islam) is not the Pangal Mar. Farooque is trying to distort not only the history of Kouba ethnic but also the history of Mayang kalisha settlement (Pangal Mar settlement) in Manipur. Really, he does hope to create a nice history of Pangal. As they dont have any foundation, he is stealing from others.

Some writer gave opinion that the word Pangal is derived from Mangal, which is corrupted word Mughal while some others opine it is corrupted form the word Bangal which is most likely. In fact, in ancient period Meeteis did not used to pronounce the voice/sound of the alphabet B. So, there was no alphabet to pronounce the voice/sound like the latter B. It was the most problem to pronounce the word Bangal correctly. This point is proved very easily according to the history of Meetei mayek. There were only 18 original alphabets (Eeyek Eepee), and then latter on 9 additional alphabets (Lom Eeyek) were added to facilitate writing of modern language.

Islam was found by Prophet Mohamed (570 AD to 632 AD). The era/period of Kouba angangnga was before ISLAM. As mentioned above, Kouba angangngas wife, Leima Lairoklembi was the daughter of King Khuiyoi tompok (154-264 AD). King Khuiyoi tompok was the son of Nongda Lairel Pakhangba, the first mythological king of Meetei/Mangang salai (33-154 AD). The first son of KOUBA ANGANGNGA, Khoinai ahanbas wife was Yangkelchaobi daughter of Luwang Ningthou Punsiba. Eputhou Luwang Ningthou Punsibas life span was about 500 years who ruled before Nongda Lairel Pakhangba.

Those communities, which amalgamated to Meetei-society posses their Yumnak-Sagei, even Meetei Pangal. As a Meetei Pangal, do realize very deeply about your Yumnak-Sagei, how your forefathers got your Yumnak-sagei, when they amalgamated to Meetei-society. Then, you will come to know your real origin. Starting to research from Prophet Mohamed, Islam, Muslim and the word Pangal, never you will able to get your goal. Really, now respectable author is driving on the opposite direction of the one-way road. If one who likes to find out his origin, he should start to search from himself. These are the points what I would like to encourage the author.

The comment is in response to the article by Farooque Ahmed – Muslim Settlement History in reality.

Thokchom Angouyaima
Dubai, UAE.
[email protected]


  1. Muslims in manipur are war captives who are slaves, eats dead horse and at some they even tried to pay money to the king in order to get a meitei surname and some succeeded and later after some kings they all got surnames. but now they wrote their names as Md..khan..ASK a pangan their original surname, if anybody doesn’t believe..


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