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Aimol language not extinct or endangered as found in UNESCO page

Ms. Nicole Bolomey

Programme Specialist for Culture

UNESCO, New Delhi


 I am surprised at the information about the Aimol language labelled as

‘extinct’ or ‘endangered’ by UNESCO.  The news is found at:


 Now the language of Aimol is different from any language. And the Aimols

speak their language in their livelihood, except unless they speak

Manipuri (meiteilon)with other tribes or people.

 There are more than 4000 Aimols in Manipur, excluding those in Assam.

Officially Aimol Student Union, Manipur is registered and very much active

with the district administration.  Aimol Baptist Association has been

affiliated with Manipur Baptist Convention under the Council of Baptist

Churches in North East India. Even Manipur University has Aimol language

in its thesis by scholars.

 One should live and co-exist peacefully with all communities without

which no one will have social harmony. However, to assert one language as

extinct or endangered while thousands are speaking the same language is

absolutely funny and misappropriating.

 When I looked at: http://www.unesco.org/culture/ich/index.php?pg=00206

 the text ”’Endangered Languages of Manipur’ by Dr.Ranjan Singh” is

mentioned as Sources (click on red icon on Manipur map and click on

Sources). Lack of communication could also cause such false information.

I request you to kindly rectify this information both at the state and

international level as soon as possible.

L. Aboi Aimol


Gorian Str – 34/68

5020 Salzburg, Austria (Europe)

Mobile: +436889038226



www.salzburgglobal.org (work)



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