Media war between rival factions of NSCN in Nagaland


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Dimapur, Aug 30: After a brief calm in Nagaland, the heat is rising with both the rival NSCN factions engaging in a media war which is fast heightening.

The factional killing at Wokha where an NSCN-K cadre died and the killing of NSCN-IM ‘major’ few days ago have given serious set back to the effort of the Dr Wati Aier led Forum for Naga Reconciliation (FNR) which had brought the Naga underground groups to stop the factional clashes two year ago.

The Khaplang group of the NSCN today called upon the Nagas to understand the ‘ground reality’ that the peace talks between the Government of India and the Isak-Muivah group of the NSCN is already dead. The NSCN-K also pointed out “the groundwork being prepared by a section of people at Hebron Camp (NSCN-IM) aiding and abetting demand for alternative political arrangement for Nagas in Manipur state”.

Given this situation, the Khaplang group of the NSCN has urged the Nagas to prepare the future course of action towards the Nagas’ inalienable political rights.

“In the name of Naga political struggle blatant accusations, killings and justifications have been the three most important tools employed by a group of people at Hebron Camp (NSCN-IM) against the Nagas. Many prominent Naga intellectuals have been killed simply because they chose reason over emotion. Thousands of civilians and Naga national workers have been murdered over the decades accusing them as traitors. A struggling people deserve the right to know and identify the obstacles along the path to unity and political destiny,” the NSCN-K stated.

Meanwhile, the NSCN-K said that the killing of ‘major’ Ngachonmi of NSCN-IM by Assam Rifles at Namsa in ‘Konyak Region’ and the press release of  NSCN-IM in its aftermath is in a nutshell, a shallow display of bravado at a very wrong moment.

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