PREPAK boycotts Indian I-Day


The Imphal Free Press

IMPHAL, Aug 11: The proscribe PREPAK, in a statement, has call boycott of the Independence Day of India.
A PREPAK statement issued by Aheiba Angom, secretary-in-charge, department of publicity, PREPAK, also announce that 16 hours curfew would be imposed throughout the state on August 15 effective from 1am till 5pm on the day. Appealing general public to strictly enforce the curfew, the outfit said medical, electricity, water supply would be relaxed from the purview of the curfew. As for press/media, the outfit said they should wear a light coat to easily distinguish their profession.

The PREPAK statement further said India’s Independence Day celebration is analogous to the oppressed people of Manipur and there is no reason to join the celebration which is meant only for few selfish minded politicians and businessmen of the country.

Soon after the World War – II ended, the British parliament passed an act to grant freedom to about 800 princely states in India. However, the British played a divide and rule policy by creating the subcontinent into two countries namely Pakistan and India.

Soon after the British left, India adopted the policy of divide and rule and tried to  took a firm control of all the princely states, the statement said.
The PREPAK statement also said Manipur regained its freedom after 56 years of British rule and the then king of Manipur Maharaj Budhachandra unfurled the Manipur’s own flag to mark its freedom at the Royal Palace.

The outfit also claim that king Budhachandra abolished Manipur State Darbar on July 1, 1947 and established Manipur State Council and allowed FF Pearson, chairmen of the Manipur State Constitution Manipur Committee to head the administration. As the term for the council expired, an interim council was formed on August 14, 1947 and king Budhachandra appointed his younger brother MK Priyobrata as the chief minister to look after administration of Manipur along with seven ministers.

A general election was held for the first time in Manipur from June 11 till 30, 1948 and the India’s national election was held three years later, the PREPAK claimed and asserted that there is no reason for the people of Manipur to remain under administrative control of India and no meaning in joining independence day celebration of that country.


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