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DC, Imphal East, SDO/SAPIO Imphal East told to furnish information

IMPHAL, Jan 10: Chief Information Commissioner, of the state Information Commission RK Angousana Singh has recently issued an order and directed, DC, Imphal East, SDO/SAPIO Imphal East to furnish the information sought for by the complainant Saikhom Jatishwor Singh of Chana Inkhol Mamang Leikai over the land demarcation of the land under Patta No. 69/338 situated at village No. 69 Kameng within January 15.
The official order of the state Information Commissioner further mentioned that, an official application has been lodged by the complainant Saikhom Jatishwor Singh of Chana Inkhol Mamang Leikai on December 31 last year, on refusal of the SPIO to provide the information under the provision of RTI Act. 2005 by the DC Imphal East in connection with the official notice for the demarcation of the land under Patta No.69/338 covered CS Dag having an area of 0.07 acre situated at village No.69 Kameng on March 22, 2007 in demarcation case No. 2 of 2006 Reference Misc case No. 8 of 1995 by the sub-deputy collector, Imphal East, Sawombung on March 13, 2007, fixing 8am of March 22, 2007 for the said demarcation. But no demarcation was done; instead it was told that process for eviction will be taken up soon. However, till date no action was taken up, as result the commission has taken up as a complaint case under section 18 of the RTI Act, 2005 and heard on November 11, December, 14 and December 21 last year after giving notices to the parties.
The official order further mentioned that, the commission despite of issuance of order to furnish the information as desired by the complainant to the concerned SPIO Imphal East, the concerned authorities have failed to furnish the information during the given period as instructed by the commission and the complainant had to attend the commission, numerous times, thus, causing detriment which needs to be compensated under the provision of the RTI Act, 2005, the order of the commission added.

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