Jazz show pledges support to Sharmila


IMPHAL Jan 8 : Rainbow Pao, a jazz club based at Bangalore  and Oriental Pumpkin, a premier event management company of the North East organized the “Food for thought” musical night along with a fashion show today at the Classic Hotel. The event was organized with a view to support the cause of Sharmila and to remove the AFSPA, 1958 from the state of Manipur and to prevent the violation of human rights.
The main host, Baljit Malik, a journalist, poet, activist and an entertainer addressed the gathering about the social ills and the causes behind it. He addressed the conflict situation in the state and the attitude shown by the centre towards the North East region, the need to prevent the construction of dams and to preserve the natural balance among others.
“ We believe that the Armed Forces Special Powers Act has been discriminately heaped upon the North East and Kashmir whereas other regions covered by the  Constitution have been spared its illegalities”, according to Baljit Malik in a memorandum submitted by the activist to the Chief Justice of the Guwahati High Court last year. “On account of their diverse racial features ,the people of the hills and valley are subjected to abuse in one way or the other, physical and psychological  perpetrated on women, men and children”, the memorandum further mentions.
The Rainbow Pao has a campaign to support the causes of the north Eastern States and has a dedicated membership of human rights activist, artists, journalists and recently published a centrespread in a monthly magazine decrying the rape of North Easterners in the capital, the magazine is published by the campaigners themselves, according to Baljit Malik.
RK James, the event organizer told IFP,“ We believe in bringing unity and peace in the state through the medium of music, it is a non violent way and we believe in upholding human rights and to stop preventing them in this manner , to do so through music and art  is the only way  the artists knows”.
The main showcase of the evening was the Rainbow Pao Band with an amalgamation of musicians belonging to different states. They churned out popular jazz numbers and golden oldies like “Bridge over troubled waters” by Simon and Garfunkel among others. Placid Dreams, Shallow River Band ,Guru Rewben, The Dirty Strikes Two Sisters, Natasha entertained the gathering with popular numbers. The fashion show presented by models of RESEACAFF took to the catwalk with traditional dresses and mixed designs by popular designer Goswami.
The Rainbow Pao activist recently held another similar musical evening to coincide with the decade long fast of Irom Sharmila observed last year.

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