NSCN factions to sort out differences

Dimapur, Jan 23 (NNN): With the arrival of NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chisi 
Swu in New Delhi a couple of days ago, the next round of talks between 
the Government of India and the NSCN-IM involving both Thuingaleng 
Muivah and Isak Swu are imminent.
A well placed source from the NSCN-IM said that the talks will be held 
soon. However, the source did not precisely inform about the date of 
talks. "It can be within this month or early next month," it added.

It is also learnt that the three Naga underground organisations will 
meet to sort out differences as part of the ongoing reconciliation 
process initiated by the Forum for Naga Rconciliation (FNR). Sources 
said that the highest ranking leaders of the NSCN/GPRN (NSCN-IM), the 
NNC/FGN and GPRN/NSCN (NSCN-K) may meet soon.

NSCN-IM chairman Isak Chisi Swu arrived in New Delhi on Friday night 
from Bangkok. Isak Swu was delaying his arrival to New Delhi following 
passport and visa fiasco, a report said. 
Mentionably, it has been quite sometime that the dialogues between the 
NSCN-IM and the Government of India has been halted for unknown reason. 
The Muivah-home-coming im
passe last year had also kicked up ruckus where NSCN-IM had spewed out 
enough fire against New Delhi for its alleged flip-flop stance over the 
matter. It can also be noted that Isak Chisi Swu had been halted in the 
Phillipines due to passport problem, a source added.

Meanwhile, another source said that after the next round of talks, 
Muivah and Swu may come to Nagaland for the reconcliation and for the 
consultation programmes.
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