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Seminars on Human trafficking and challenges faced by NE people conclude

IMPHAL, Jan 31: The All India Christian Council (AICC) along with North East Support Centre & Helpline have organized a series of seminar in the state and neighbouring state Nagaland on Human Rights, Human Trafficking and Challenges faced by North East migrants in the mega cities of the country.
The seminar concluded today at the Adimjati Boys hostel, graced by Dr. Sam Paul PR secretary AICC, Rev. Madhu Chandra, RS, AICC, Dr. Leban Serto, Co-ordinator of Peace Education, Martin Luther Kings’ University, Tolerance Khaling, Rev. N. Debendra Singh, vice president, AICC, Manipur.
Besides 200 key public and civil society representatives also attended the seminars.
The seminars were held at Dimapur in Nagaland hosted by Dimupur Baptist Pastors Fellowship on January 28, at Kakching hosted by All India Confederation SC/ST Organisations .on January 30.
Dr. Sam Paul, National Secretary for Public Affair of All India Christian Council took sessions on fundamental rights of every citizen of India and the challenges of human trafficking. “Human trafficking is the biggest most profitable organized crime next to drug and arms trafficking,” says Dr. Sam Paul.
He pointed out that Human Trafficking agents target areas affected by communal violence and socio-political conflicts to recruit young men and women. ‘’North East India being affected by socio-economic, political and communal violence for last many decades, now trafficking agents have targeting the region to recruit young men and women with false promises of jobs and free education,” further added Dr. Sam Paul.
Madhu Chandra, spokesperson of North East Support Centre & Helpline took sessions on North East Migrations and Challenges in Mega Cities. “Due to socio-economic and political crisis, young generation of North East India started migrating to mega cities in search of employment and better education. They have been exploited in mega cities particularly in Delhi and NCR,” said Mr.’Madhu Chandra. Challenges of racial discrimination and sexual violence against women from North East India have been a national debate and concern after Dhaula Kuan gangrape case of a Mizo girl on November 23 midnight adding the North Eastern state governments must need to come forward to take up the matter with counterpart of Delhi Government and UPA government.
Further during the seminar the role of the civil society was discussed led by Dr. Leban Serto, coordinator of Peace Education, Martin Luther Kings University, Shillong. The challenge of human trafficking is the greatest challenge the state of Manipur is facing, it must be addressed by civil society bodies, NGOs and religious groups along with help from the state government.
North Easterners living, studying and working in Delhi and NCR have become easy targets for racial attack and sexual violence. They are discriminated by law enforcing agencies, while lodging complaints. Majority of victims are from Manipur state added Dr. Leban before appealing to the Manipur Chief Minister, O Ibobi Singh to note the suffering of his people in Delhi-and take up the matter with the concerned government to address the challenges.
All India Christian Council and North East Support Centre & Helpline has also appealed to all religious bodies including churches and mission organisations, civil societies to get involved in addressing the challenges of human trafficking along with government machineries.
A press conference followed the seminars during which the leaders who attended the function call on the concerned Governments for taking the matter more seriously and to response swiftly.
The All India Christian Council (www.christiancouncil.in) formed in 1998 and exists to protect and serve the Christian community, minorities, and the oppressed castes. The AICC is a coalition of thousands of Indian denominations, organizations, and lay leaders.
North East Support Centre &. Helpline (www.nehelpline.net) is a joint initiative of various human rights activists, social workers, students, journalists and lawyers seeking to prevent harassment and abuses meted out to North East People and tribal communities of other states.

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