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MMAB Ningol Chakouba Grand Thabal Chongba at Bangalore on October 29

MMAB Ningol Chakouba Grand Thabal Chongba at Bangalore on October 29

We are glad to announce that Manipuri Meitei Association, Bangalore (MMAB) is organizing HAPPY NINGOL CHAKKOUBA on
29th October 2011 – Saturday at
#1, Hosur Road, Bangalore
Time: 11.00am to 2.00pm

Ningol Chakouba Invitation Card

Palmogrove Road, Austin Town
Time : 6pm onwards to 10pm

Thabal Ticket

Thanks and regards
Y. Arun
Publicity & Communication Secy, MMAB
mmabangalore AT yahoo.com


  1. i m not a moral police but…., i dont see any good reasoning behind organising thabal outside manipur.
             girls come with mayangs, boys all drunk including girls.
    If you want to do it, try putting on traditional dress, show our cultural richness.and not just ….. around.
     Man, kangleichas are very talented since the ancient days, a glorious past of our ancestors.
       back home its all in bad shaped.out here 1000s of manipuri students come draining away state income to host state.
    drinking and making marry.for gods sake when u come on the international arena and seek ur identity,we the present lot stand nowhere.
      talented people, why cant we become like south korea , singapore, hong kong ,japan etc.
       every student shud study very hard, help manipur regain its past glory, 
    man enough is enough.
       our first king PAKHANGBA must be crying when he sees his descendants like us.
    everyone of u is responsible for the present status of the state.and by virtue of being sons and daughters of manipur,it becomes our solemn duty to help mother land be gr8.developed. 
            I m here to save kangleipak, i will stop the communal division in the state,i will study very hard and sacrifice all my comfort for kangleipak.,i swear to god that we will see kangleipak even more developed than japan.this i m not exaggerating!!!!!.
        all is possible. please be topper in everything.
    all people of manipur please help in ur own way.
                        Please do the thabal but please dont forget ur responsibilty.
          kangleipak is in the worst state imaginable to our forefathers.
                  SAVE KANGLEIPAK, you guys and gals are the best people and most talented on this earth and do justice to it.


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