Mason dies under mysterious circumstances


IMPHAL, April 29: A mason was found dead under mysterious circumstances at Porompat Electricity office building which is now under construction in the early hours of Sunday, police said.

The deceased has been identified as Nongthonbam Bhubaneswor, 38, son of (L) Narahari, hailing from Pourabi Awang Leikai.

Bhubaneswor, a mason had been engaged in the construction work of the Porompat electricity office building under one head mason, namely Loitongbam Sanayai, 48, son of (L) Birmangal of Nungoi Awang Leikai for a couple of months.

Bhubaneswor stayed with other two masons, namely Wahengbam Kameshwor, 50, son of (L) Nenejao from Pourabi Mayai Leikai and Mutum Brajamani, 50 of Nungoi Awang Leikai at a makeshift tent outside the building.

According to his wife named Yaimabi, she received a phone call around 2 am Sunday from the head mason that her husband was being hospitalized due to pain in his belly.

Sanayai, the head mason came to her residence in an auto rickshaw soon after the phone call, she said, adding that some family members went to the work site along with Sananyai. However, Yaimabi was quite amazed to find her husband lying dead on a bed in the tent and not in hospital as told by the head mason.

Bhubaneswor was found lying still with two pillows on both sides of his head and covered by a blanket, and he also had a swelling on the right side of his forehead, she further said and added that Kameshwor and Brajamani were also in the tent.

The two masons told her that her husband died after a nightmare when she asked them on why they did not shift her husband to JNIMS which is located a few metres from the work site.

When she enquired again on why her husband’s right side forehead was swollen, Kameshwor told her that Bhubaneswor had a scuffle with Brajamani over preparing superfine rice that night.

Police said the three masons were under the influence of alcohol that night and that the bruised mark on the forehead of Bhubaneswor would be discovered only after autopsy. On the other hand, the family of the deceased told the police that they would not allow to conduct autopsy unless the two masons involved in the killing are booked, the police further said.

Meanwhile, locals of Nungoi Awang Leikai dismantled the house of Brajamani, but police thwarted another group of irate locals at Pourabi Mayai Leikai when they attempted to destroy the house of Kameshwor, the police further added.

According to a late report, it is said that an understanding has been arrived between the JAC formed in connection with the death of Bumbaneswor and the contractor of the office building now under construction. It is likely that the family will claim the body as the contractor assured the JAC that he would take the responsibility for the alleged killing.


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