Kangpokpi ADC crisis: 14 members demand confidence vote


IMPHAL, July 23: The political crisis of Autonomous District Council, Kangpokpi is getting intense with 14 members out of 26 demanding confidence vote of the incumbent chairman Haokholal Hangshing.

In an interaction with 12 members of Kangpokpi ADC somewhere in Motbung today, the spokespersons Paojalet Touthang, Thangzamang Kipgen and Bonthaolung Panmei placed their observations regarding the present political crisis.

The spokespersons stated that 26 members of Kangpokpi ADC have been elected along with the ADCs of other districts after a gap of more than 20 years. However, the ‘divide and rule’ policy of Manipur Pradesh Congress Committee has disrupted normal function of the ADC. Kangpokpi ADC is now reeling under a series of crises, they contended.

Haokholal Hangshing was elected as the chairman of Kangpokpi ADC after Sh Seipu lost the confidence motion on May 30. But, the members are not satisfied with the leadership of the incumbent chairman for failing to appoint the vice-chairman and subsequently expand the cabinet.

Four members withdrew their support for chairman Hangshing and demanded the MPCC and the state authorities for a confidence vote. However, there is no preparation for conducting the confidence vote on the part of the state authorities even if the 15-day period for initiating a new confidence motion is due to end within these three/four days, the spokespersons noted.

In contrary to the initiation of confidence motion, former chairman Sh Seipu was expelled from the primary membership of MPCC while Lamkholen Kipgen, Lunthang Haokip and Thanggoulun Kipgen were suspended from the party and also Thangjamang Kipgen was expelled from the MPCC.

The members are now desirous of electing a new chairman neither Seipu nor Hangshing. They will form a ‘third force’ in resolving the crises within the ADC. They will even go to law court if the state authorities do not initiate a new confidence motion as soon as possible.

The members also appealed to the MPCC to revoke the expulsion as well as suspension order of the ADC members as soon as possible, but failure of which they will form a new party or merge with another political party.

The 14 members who are demanding confidence vote are Lamkholen Kipgen, Lunthang Haokip, Sh Seipu, Thanggoulun Kipgen, Thangjamang Kipgen, S Khuptinthang Vaiphei, S Khupsong Koireng, Kaikhosei Lhouvum, Paominlen Kipgen, Bonthaulung Panmei, Roingam Thanga, Haokholen Guite, Paojalet Touthang and Bhumi Prasad (Vikash).

Only 12 members were present in today’s interaction. Former chairman Seipu and one member were not present at the meeting. 


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