Students convention concludes


IMPHAL, July 17: The two day VII Manipuri Students’ Convention, 2012 concluded today at the Imphal College Multipurpose Hall.

Manipur University Dean Prof N Naba Kumar said one of the main ailments of the present day Manipuri society is corruption.

He elaborated that jobs could be bought like any common commodities in the state. No poor person can get employment in the state.

Students are fighting for the society and the state and as such people should stop lamenting that students should not mix up in politics, he said.

People need to understand the duties of the students and the teachers. The main objective of the teachers should be to provide knowledge about reasoning and thinking to the students.

He further urged that learning by-hard a lesson and appearing for the exam would not be of much help to the students; instead students should understand their lesson.

Parents should also encourage their wards to undergo mental exercise.

Meanwhile, coming to the electricity problem in the state, he said, there is a habit amongst the people of state of using electricity without paying bills.

He continued that if the people of the state continue to understand their responsibilities and duties, then there would have been no problem in the state.

Meanwhile, it may be mentioned that during the opening day of the convention yesterday at the same venue, Students’ Welfare of Manipur University, Dean Prof Th Ratankumar had said that students have been an important role in the shaping up of the society, while acknowledging the contribution of students in the welfare of the state.

The professor had also urged the students from drifting towards individualism.

He had told the gathering yesterday that the misuse of power by students could hamper the prosperity of the society before adding that to channelize the talents and powers of the students properly, we should prioritise provision of quality education in the state.

He had also elaborated that quality education should not mean only securing high marks in exams but it should mean the ability to one’s knowledge and developing a sound mind, character and conscience.

The two day students’ convention was being held at the Imphal College Multipurpose Hall organized by the Manipuri Students’ Federation.

The opening day was attended by Students’ Welfare of Manipur University, Dean Prof Th Ratankumar, Principal, Imphal College, Dr RC Hamom and MSF president Ngariyanbam Milan Singh as the presidium members.

MSF president Ngariyanbam Milan Singh had accompanied N Nabakumar on the dais this morning during the concluding day of the convention.

Meanwhile the MSF had also announced its new president and vice presidents.

They are Longjam Umakanta Meitei as president, A Boinao Singh, P Sarda Devi and Md Sirajuddin as vice presidents for the 2012-13 tenure.


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