Kut greetings from RPF


IMPHAL, Oct 31: The Revolutionary People’s Front and its army Peoples’ Liberation Army has wished the people of Manipur on the occasion of Kut-post harvest festival of Chin-Kuki –Mizo (CHIKM) groups of people.

A press release of the outfit has wished the Chin-Kuki-Mizo communities in particular and the people of Manipur in general.

Dwelling further on the celebration of the festival, the release has said that the festival teaches all to live together in peace and in harmony.

Chin-Kuki-Mizo farmers have been celebrating the post harvest festival after a year’s hard-work since time immemorial and now the festival not only identifies the Chin-Kuki-Mizo communities but it has become a festival which is synonymous with the whole communities of Manipur, it said.

This indicates to the brotherhood of all communities residing in Manipur, the statement added.

Cheiraoba for Meiteis, Gaan-Ngai for Kabuis, Luira Phanit for Thangkhul and Kut for Chin-Kuki-Mizo communities speaks of the Manipuri Unity before the outside world, it continued.

The release has further claimed that in recent years India has been creating a division amongst the different communities residing in Manipur and in the region.

It has further appealed to all communities not to fall into India trap to divide the region.


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