Assualt slur on Agri Minister


IMPHAL, November 26: Agriculture Minister Md Abdul Nasir allegedly beat up a Congress Worker in full public view at the Sangai Festival main venue today.

The Minister’s act, which many onlookers have claimed to be a blatant misuse of power in complete disregard of the public sentiment happened this late evening around 7:45pm.

The Minister’s security escorts also roughed up waiters of the stall where the incident took place. The visitors of the stall among others were left stupefied and outraged by the actions of the Minister and his cohorts.

The incident occurred at Nefsa Halal Food Stall (Number 68) this evening.

Eye-witnesses report said that Alam Azad, a youth Congress member along with some of his friends including some high ranking state officials were present at the stall.

When the party was enjoying the hospitality of the stall, Minister Abdul Nasir barged inside the stall with a fiery temperament.

He at first exchanged some heated words with Alam Azad. The later incident saw the Minister assaulting Alam at the said stall.

Soon after a chaos erupted in the stall as the Minister and his escort party threatened and later beat up persons inside the eatery. The minister guards had also manhandled a waiter of the stall and threatened other customers who were there at the stall.

According to reports, Alam Azad was beaten up by Nasir and his escort party, the stall was disturbed due to the happening and several customers who were at the stall ran out after the Minister’s guards imposed a threatening stance.

It was mentioned that the guards had unlocked the safety valve of their guns and threatened the visitors of the stall. This had happened in full view of the security posted at the Sangai Festival who is detailed at the sensitive spot to prevent any untoward incidents.

It may be mentioned that this is the first incident of assault by a Minister in power to an individual inside a festival area. Many visitors voiced that the Minister and his escort had misused their authority at the highest degree.

“This is highly unbecoming of a Minister, he acted as an ordinary hooligan”, a visitor who witnessed the scenario mentioned.

It may also be said that several VIPs including high ranking officials and other elected personalities were also present at the site including M Prithviraj, the MLA of Moirang.

Meanwhile, some individuals identifying themselves to be accompanying Nasir at the time came personally to IFP to say that the attack was caused by Alam Azad and not by the Minister. 

Md Amir Khan and Md Salauddin who was accompanied by one Bobby had stated to IFP late in the evening and while drafting this report that the Minister was provoked by Alam Shah and subsequently the Minister had defended him.

The matter that a cabinet Minister of the SPF Government had openly attacked an individual in a public arena ( Sangai Festival) was reported from various sections. The manger of the stall has also given the detailed sequence of events and that such a fiasco had taken place inside the stall involving the mentioned individuals. 


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