Why Only 3 Days Session?


    By Dr. M. Nara Singh
    The State Cabinat has decided to have only 3 days sitting from December 19 to 21, 2012. When the state and the entire population have been facing with innumerable problems causing untold suffering it is worth asking the State Government why only three days session of the State Assembly? Right from the very first session of the 10th Assembly till the proposed winter session of December 19-21 of 2012 hardly 30 sittings would have been held. It is really surprising that only one day session or 2/3 days sessions had been called for except during the Budget session that too for a brief couple of days only as if there have been no issues to be discussed.

    Already there is instruction from the Secretariat of Indian Parliament that at least 55 days sitting must be held in a year. This important instruction is not followed by the State Assembly Secretariat. It seems to be intentional and deliberate shortening of the sessions. This practice is not in tune with the expectation of the people. There are quite a number of issues to be thoroughly discussed and debated in the August House.

    Let us look at the law and order situation of our state-horrible killings, fake encounters, kidnapping for ransom, serious crime against women which had never happened like this before, extortions, ever increasing human trafficking, unbearable, unabated price rise particularly all round inflation of all essential commodities. The total collapse of the public distribution system, large scale hoarding, black marketing. There is no safe drinking water available in any part of the state including Chief Minister`s Assembly Constituency. No regular power supply, no drainage, no proper roads even inside the capital city of Imphal. Never ending projects, projects declared completed and inaugurated by the Prime Minister and UPA Chairperson but failed to give benefits to the people. What a shame?

    Over and above all these the open corruption? Corruption breeds many of today`s social malaise. It has become a way of life today in our society. The infamous terminology “Aakash Bill” has become a reality with which huge amounts of money have been looted by the trio of politicians bureaucrats and contractors. Such a malpractice has created a social phenomenon wherein the work culture is gradually getting lost. Human resource mobilisation, the prime importance of life has been sabotaged. Aren`t these issues to be discussed? Exams without being taught, patients without doctors, irrigation canals without water, employees without salary, bandhs and blockades on alternate days. Aren`t these issues for discussion to find out solutions? The Hon`ble members of the House are expected to show their best performances in the Assembly. Can all these issues be discussed within 2/3 days time? Impossible! Then why very short sessions always?? And in whose interest?


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