JD(U)- Left and Secular Alliance mudslinging continues


Dr Nara alleges threat, hints at possible JD(U) hand

IMPHAL, March 25: A day after JD (U) announced its exit from the Left and Secular Alliance blaming CPI for the break-away, CPI’s candidate Dr M Nara who is also the consensus candidate of the alliance for the inner parliamentary seat has claimed a threat from underground suspects.

Addressing media persons at the Irabot Bhawan today, Dr M Nara said soon after the JD (U) president announced their breaking away from the alliance, NCP candidate for Outer constituency C Doungel and himself received threats through phone calls and SMS. And there is a rising apprehension and suspicion that it could have been instigated by the JD(U), he said.

It is also suspected that the JD(U) has gun and muscle flexing attitude, and the party should be blamed for any untoward incident happening to any member of the alliance, Nara alleged.

“Now that the JD(U) has left, we (alliance) are free from trouble, happy and united,” he said.

It is a happy moment for the alliance as the only wedge in the alliance has removed themselves yesterday, he claimed.

It is unfortunate that JD(U) president M Tombi had declared that with their breaking away, the alliance will fall, he said.

Now, with the JD(U) gone, the alliance can run more smoothly with other parties like the NCP and Social Democratic Party of India strengthening the alliance, he said.

He claimed the JD(U) of being undemocratic and wedging disunity among the parties of the alliance.

JD(U) left the alliance just because there was no room for the party to bargain for the alliance’s support of their candidate.

Alliance convenor, Ksh Shanta of CPI(M) said that JD(U)’s claim that the alliance will break down is funny.

He said there is no support from the alliance for the outer candidate of JD(U).

On March 19, the constituent parties of the alliance had called a meeting at Irabot Bhawan wherein all except JD(U) agreed to support NCP.

The same day, M Tombi called a press meet on behalf of the convenor of the alliance, signed by himself, Shanta alleged.

He further continued that on that day, Tombi announced the JD (U) outer constituency candidate and it was clear that the alliance will not field any candidate for the Outer seat.

However, there are no support for the JD(U) candidate from the alliance, he said.


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