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Political committee on ILP likely to submit report on November 20

IMPHAL, November 11: The smaller committee on ILP which was formed from the delegates of all political parties will likely to submit their recommendation regarding the implementation of the Inner Line Permit System in the State on November 20.

This conclusion was reached in a meeting held at the official quarter of Deputy Chief Minister Gaikhangam from 2 pm to late evening today, said a source.

According to the source, the committee has work on the issue and will target November 13 to complete a working draft of their report.

The committee has prepared a draft copy on the ILPS issue which it believes can bring about a logistic solution in consultation with various experts. It further mentioned that the committee already has taken comments and opinions from legal experts and Academician in the past, the source said.

The committee will also enclose the finding from various other States, on the matter of how these States handle similar matters. This will include States like Himachal Pradesh and Meghalaya etc, he added.

The source further said that the committee will also seek the ideas of Indian constitutional experts to find out the legitimate means of implementing or enacting a law to prevent the indigenous people of Manipur from being marginalised in the face of unabated illegal influx of migrants into the State.

The committee is hopeful the complete final draft will be ready for submission to the Government by November 20, he added.



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